Moving to England

England Awaits!


Whether you hope to see first-hand the royal pomp and circumstance at Buckingham Palace, or trace the path of literary greats like Shakespeare or Jane Austen – England is calling.  Rich in history and flush with green meadows, mystical castles and scenic landscapes – England awaits!


Moving to the UK/England

Relocating to the UK/England or any international move is hard – no doubt about it.  For Americans moving from the US to the UK, choosing Gateways to manage you move is the first step toward making the process as painless as possible,

But don’t take our word for it – be sure to size up the competition before selecting a company to manage your move to the UK.

Simply complete the above overseas relocation quote and receive up to five free international moving price estimates that include details of origin as well as destination service information.


Why Choose Gateways for Your US to UK Move?

  • International Moving experience. Gateways brings to the table more than 10 years of top-notch service, with staff committed to making sure your relocation to the UK is smooth.
  • В Repeat Customers. Our track record includes thousands of satisfied customers that choose Gateways again and again for subsequent international moves..
  • В One Stop Shopping. Everything you need to know about International Relocation, from shipping large boxes to smallВ , is listed on one site.
  • В Connected. Your US to UK move is easy with Gateways’ global connections cultivated over years of international moves.
  • В Reputation. Gateways is proud of its affiliation with Top Household Goods Moving Association.
  • Expert Free Consultation. At Gateways we are happy to advise and share our international relocation expertise free of charge.


Tips for Americans Moving to England:

Moving to the UK does not have to be hard. The tips below can help Americans relocating to England, and Gateways makes it easy by handling all types of items – in all shapes and sizes!



Proper documentation is key to your international move. Customs authorities expect original bills of lading (C3 form in the UK), valid passports, packing lists and a duly-filled customs form.



  1. В Your paperwork is error free.
  2. You have made a comprehensive list of EVERY item you are moving.
  3. You have contacted an agent to take care of your US to England shipping needs.



These items will raise alarms and can make your relocation to England a headache.  DON’T PACK:


  • Narcotics
  • Drugs
  • Pornographic material
  • Animal products from protected species
  • Explosives
  • Weapons
  • Plants
  • Unexposed camera film




  1. Weaponry without a firearm certificate issued by the appropriate authorities.
  2. Alcohol and tobacco comes with hefty fines to discourage your packing it.
  3. Electronics and vehicles also pack costly fees so weigh your decision carefully.


More about items not to ship internationally.



  1. Avoid public holidays as they can create unnecessary delays.
  2. Schedule your shipment for mid-month—month beginnings and ends can be extremely busy.




ü  Make sure your arrival destination is approved, and that you’ve arranged for your household items to be moved from the US to the UK either by own container or by consolidation.


  • Oversee (or do your own) packing.
  • Carry important financial and identification documents on you, DON’T PLACE THEM WITH YOUR SHIPMENT
  • Get insurance – it’ll pay off should you goods end up waterlogged!
  • Read aboutВ shipping a car to England to weigh the pros and cons of shipping a car from the US to the UK.


Getting a UK Visa


In order to move from the US to the UK, you must obtain one of the following Visas:


  • Skilled Visa – 400 GBP allows you to arrive to the UK, search for a job, or set up a business. Expect a six-month process time
  • Business Visa – for businessmen who travel to the UK and/or invest at least $1M GBP in the UK.
  • Family Visa – for families with a relative legally residing in the UK.
  • Short Term Visa – perfect for a short visit.
  • Working Holiday Visa – allows up to a two-year stay…ideal for students.


Immigrating from the US to the UK

Thinking of making your relocation from the US to the UK permanent?

The British government has recently focused on increasing its cultural diversity, and its steady increase of immigrants into the UK is a testament to the fair and transparent processes adopted by Immigration Authorities (a.k.a. Home Office of the United Kingdom).


It’s no wonder that more people move from the US to the UK than any other country!





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