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Customs Requirements for Germany

You can take into most personal effects and the following items duty-free into Germany: one video camera or two still cameras with 10 rolls of film each; a portable radio, a tape recorder, and a laptop PC, provided they show signs of use; 400 cigarettes, 50 cigars, or 250 grams of tobacco; 2 liters of wine or 1 liter of liquor per person 18 and over; fishing gear; one bicycle; skis; tennis or squash racquets; and golf clubs. Read more:


Visas for Germany

Any foreigner staying in Germany more than 3 months is required to have a proper visa.

Citizens of the US, Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand or the Republic of Korea are required to obtain a residence permit that is issued after entering Germany.

EU Nationals are not required to have a visa to enter Germany.

Citizens of other countries must apply for visas before arriving in Germany.

Get details on obtaining a visa in Germany here >


About Germany

Moving to Germany requires a lot of planning and therefore, you have to plan out some important aspects such as apartment rentals, employment, health insurance, taxes, etc. On top of that, you need to make out the moving estimates for relocating to Germany. Use the quote form at the top of this page for up to 5 free estimates.

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Gateways aims to make your relocation process smooth, whether you are moving to Berlin Germany, moving to Frankfurt Germany, or any other high-end cities. Gateways is definitely not a particular moving company in Germany.

Generally, there is a perception that the moving companies just helps in finding the housing and schools for those who arrived newly. However, it is only a small part of their responsibilities.

Gateways can provide you the contacts of the German movers that not just find a suitable home or appropriate location, but also help you with other services like obtaining a visa, dealing with the German bureaucracy, driving licenses, work permits, residency permits and more.

Gateways Helps in All Aspects of Moving to Germany

Making negotiations of your lease agreement so that you can get the best deal:

  • Providing information about the expiring important documents
  • Making you accustomed with the custom formalities
  • Helping you in finding an insurance company or bank
  • Help you shopping for suitable furniture
  • Help you to settle down with the new environment

Moreover, there are other activities where these moving companies may provide assistance as well. Finding different types of doctors; on-the-job training and vocational training for spouses and offspring; English training for the drivers; and a lot more.

These aspects prove that the moving companies in Germany provide services in almost every aspect rather than just helping in moving to Germany. The moving experts generally work through the organizations that bring the emigrants to the nation, but they also work with the individual movers as well. Therefore, you are not required to worry at all for moving to Germany as the movers can take every responsibility.


Jobs in Germany

Finding a job in Germany is very profitable for many foreigners. The nation offers excellent working conditions and the payment packages are also among the bests in the world. Plus, the average working hour per week in the German job market in some industries is only 35 hours, which is much less than the weekly working hours of other nations.

Although Germany suffers from a higher unemployment rate, foreigners are welcome to take up jobs in diverse fields. However, knowledge of the German language is essential to get a good job in Germany.

Moving to Germany is a great decision as the nation offers various scopes and advantages in terms of education, employment, accommodation and entertainment facilities.

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