Pre-move Check List

In order to make matters simpler for you, we at Gateways Moving have compiled a list of ‘things to be done’ prior to your international move.

Here is a check-list that will help you while you carry out your international move:

  • Enlist the items that you would like to move with you; make a detailed list of items.
  • Plan out and purchase any new items that you would like to have shipped well in advance. Keep a track of the invoices for all newly purchased goods.
  • In cases where applicable, provide a list of all purchases of items made that have been directly delivered to the international mover’s warehouse (in case all your other household goods have already been packed and dispatched).
  • Once your final list of items to take along is ready, determine an approximate value of this inventory. Put a value on each item to be shipped for insurance purposes.
  • Decide on a date for moving (and stick to it as far as possible!).
  • Arrange the date of move so that you personally carry all valuables including money and important documents such as passports, visas, inoculation records, etc., with you.
  • Keep all important shipping information handy like the international mover’s name and address, your container number, number of units and seal number, as well as the date of sailing and expected arrival date.
  • Remember to leave your address abroad and the telephone number with the international mover so that their local office can easily contact you, if necessary.