Moving rates

Going for long distance moving soon? If it is a house or office moving, whether interstate moving or international moving, it would be considered to be a long distance move. In both cases, you would need to take help of the long distance or international movers. You may be wondering what exactly the long distance moving rates or cross country moving rates are. Majority of the reputable moving companies utilize a base rate book as published by the Household Goods Carriers Bureau. The book, Tariff 400-M, provides approximate cost for all long distance moving based on your belongings’ weight and the distance they are shipped. If you order for additional services like packing etc, the price would increase accordingly.

If the company is reputable, all long distance movers rate would be approximately same. However, given so many choices, when it comes to select one of the household movers around, the decision becomes extremely difficult. However, we are here to make this difficult job easy for you. Just fill on our free online estimate form and we would get back to you with no-obligation quotes from top movers around.

Also provided are some long distance moving tips that can help you to make your transition a smooth one.

Cutting off on your Long Distance Moving Rates

As told above, one of the factor on which the cost would be calculated by the movers will be the weight to be shipped. So to cut down on that, you may want to get rid of all those things that you don’t think you would be using any more. You can either sell them in a yard or garage sale or else donate them to a charity. Not only you would be saving some cost on transportation, but would also be getting rid of all unneeded and unnecessary stuff once and for ever.

Packing Supplies

Long distance moving rates would also include the cost of packing supplies. You may get them from your movers or you can order them online for really cheap prices. Typical packing supplies would include packing boxes of different sizes, box cutters, wraps, magic markers, labels etc. Start packing with non-essential things first, for example, unseasonal clothes. Mark the box clearly for its contents to avoid any confusion while unpacking.

Moving the Piano

Piano is not as easy to move as your furniture or other household stuff. You would need specialized piano movers for the job. It would be best to talk to your moving company in advance about it.

Keep Documents in One Place

It is very important to keep all your paper work, all receipts and other related information in one file. It would be important to track your long distance moving rates and other expenses. You may be pleased to know that on some specific expenses you are eligible to claim deductions while filing your next tax return. This is another great way of saving something on your long distance moving rates.

In addition, it is important to gather as much information as possible about the new place you are moving to. Whether it is supermarket, school for your children, or a local restaurant, it always pays to be pre-informed.

By carefully following the above tips you can substantially cut down on your long distance moving rates and costs. May we remind you again to not to forget to fill in our free online estimate form, filling which you can have some of the best quotes from top moving companies around. This would make your life so much easier when it comes to selecting and finalizing a moving company.