Moving to London Relocation Guide

Castle LondonIt is considered that England, in and around 43 AD, was occupied by pre Romans and later these pre Romans invaded the United Kingdom and described this area as Londinium and thus the name London was extracted. Later on in 61 AD, Iceni tribe destroyed this city and here onwards again the decline of London started. The main cause of this decline was the Roman Empire and their internal conflicts.

learn more about England when you moving to England.

Later on in 600 AD, a new colony settled away from the Roman city by the Anglo Saxons and at present this area is known as Covent Garden. Main reason for settlement of above said colony was due to the harbor on the banks of Fleet River that was considered as popular fishing and trading center. Further English kings and King Alfred helped London to get free from the holds of Roman Empire, Viking and from King Ethelred.

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Under the rule of Canute from 1017 to 1042 London again flourished and became popular in England UK.

The history of London starts from the year 1810, when there was no suitable place to cater for county seat and the members of the General assembly selected a 200-acre of land that was in Union Township. The owner of this bare land was Mr. John Murfin. Later on all facilities were provided to this place and this piece of land was known as London. Since 1810 this is a center of all activities for the Madison County and it is developing in a planned way. Last twenty years brought various changes to this city and at present it is one of the finest cities in the world but at the same time the area of London has doubled when compared to 1980.

London history

After World War II London was expanded with fast pace and in nineteenth century it was one of largest city in the world. Later on in 1836 first railway line was laid that brought near by places close to London. As the near by towns were within reach of London, it became very congested and to resolve these problems, world’s first under ground railway was introduced and was called as metro system. Even though the London government was unable to withstand the growth of London and it was difficult to provide proper infrastructure to the residents. This enabled the County Council administration take the charge from County of London.

Major damage was caused by the German bombings during World War II and as many as 35000 people were killed and many buildings were brought to the ground level in and around the London city. After this world war, actual rehabilitation started around 1960 that provided a new look to London and many people were immigrating to London from various places that changed the demographic situation of this city. This also helped the city to become an important center of trading.

As per the latest census, population of London is 7.5 million and it is the largest city in Europe.

Important places in London

London viewLondon is famous for its traditional monuments and various sights. Some of the important sights available in London are Big Ben, The Tower of London, British Museum, the National Gallery, Westminster abbey, Buckingham palace, Paul’s church and various other important that will be discussed later on in this article.

London is the capital city of United Kingdom, which is situated on the riverbanks of Thames and is also referred as palace of Westminster. As per the world map the geographical coordinates of London are 51°30’34N and 00°07’06W.

For the last two hundred years, London is important place for politics, theatre, and fashion trends and for the educational institutions. This city is also a world leader in financial activities and top most renowned global place. As per 2005 census, London caters for 7.5 million people out of which 13 million people are residing in metropolitan area. There are around 275 languages spoken in London and English is the primary language of the city. There are various religions and cultures along with diverse range of people are found in London.

London administration is of two-tier system; one of them being the strategic tier and other one is the local tier. Strategic tier takes care of city administration and the Greater London Authority controls it, whereas local administration is taken care of by various districts. There are 33 smaller districts in London that looks after proper administration of their assigned areas along with people relocation to London and removal to London. Some of the major cities and districts will be described in later part of this article.

Geographical information and climatic conditions of London England UK

London occupies almost 610 square miles of area and river Thames flows through the city from southwest to the east. This river plays important role in shipping to London and carrying passengers and other day-to-day commodities. Parliament Hill and Primrose Hill are the main hills that are situated on Thames valley and cater for lust green atmosphere. London is almost circular in shape if it is seen from above and provides a great aerial view.

Earlier, Thames River was very broad and was considered as lifeline of Londoners but due to various structures, the river became narrower and various tributaries found their way to flow underneath the London city. Due to these tributaries and tidal nature of Thames River, London is exposed to frequent floods and logging of water on the streets. To safe guard from these floods, London authorities constructed a barrier at Woolwich along the riverside in 1970 but still these efforts are not enough to tackle the problems of floods.

Weather in London

London has pleasant climate but during summer, minor type of precipitation is felt. When compared to near by areas London is a bit hot and in winter, one can feel light showers of snow but that is very rarely.

Districts and major cities of London England UK

As stated above, there are 33 small districts in London and all of these districts cater for all the needs of tourists as well as of local Londoners.

Some of the major responsibilities administered by these districts are tourist’s relocation to London, removal to London and shipping to London England UK through Thames River. All these activities are carried properly by these districts and provide stable administration to London government. It is not possible to write all the details of 33 districts but some of the major districts along with their information are described in following few lines that will help the reader to know more about London and also help the individual to move to London.

Some of the major districts and cities of London are West End, East London, Central London, East End, South London, City of London, Bloomsbury, and White chapel, Docklands, Mayfair, North London and West London. These districts and major cities do not have any established boundaries but they play important part in London’s tradition.

moving to london

In case of London, this is usually referred as a city by the local people, is a major financial capital and district of the United Kingdom. This city and district is governed by the London administration and has its well-defined boundaries and this district is also referred as city within city due to its distinctive status.

The other important place that is located east of the London city is the Dockland. This hub has various Canary wharf complexes and it is also known as financial center. Whereas city of Westminster is well known for various important business centers and it is the states governing place. The west end district of London is famous for entertainment and caters for all types of shopping.

This west end district is located in central London, which is also area of Westminster. The other important places in this district include Leicester Square, oxford lane or street and the world famous Piccadilly Circus. This district is one of the expensive areas of London and the major cities located in this district are Kensington, Notting hill and the Chelsea which is famous all over the world for premier football leagues. All these places are very expensive for residential purposes and normally relocation to London is carried in these areas.

Whereas the East end district is located at the eastern part of London city. It has important port that caters for shipping to London and immigrants normally settle in this district. This district is under developed when compared to other cities and districts of the London. His district is a gateway to London through Thames River and plays important role in moving to London. This place is also holding the 2012 Olympic Games.

North London and South London

North London is an important area of London that is located north side of the central London.

This particular area consists of various important small towns that are commonly called as boroughs such as Enfield, Barnet, Harrow, Camden, Hackney, Haringey and Islington. North London also has historic places such as London city and West end. Most of underground networks are found in this area of North London.

Where as small towns that are situated north side of river Thames that includes Dagenham, Barnet, Brent, Camden, Havering, Enfield, Haringey, Hackney, Hammersmith and Fulham, Harrow, Ealing Hilling don and Hounslow.

South London is a part of Greater London and situated on south side of the River Thames. In this part one can find more number of residential flats and there are very few government offices available in this area when compared to North London area. These areas of South London are under developed and are poorly maintained than North London.

Important places, historical structures and institutions located in this area are south London press, Lambeth palace, Tate art gallery, Globe theatre, Battersea Park, Power station, Saatchi art center and Hayward gallery. All these places are in and around the Waterloo Bridge. South London has less population compared to north London but at the same time has more number of parks and amusement centers. Above all this area is considered as under-developed and normally cab drivers hesitate to drive towards this area especially during late nights.

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Other aspect of this area is that here are only 30 under ground metro stations where as North London caters for almost 245 metro stations even though the population of South London is almost same as North London. The major towns of South London are Bexley, Lambeth, Bromley, Croydon, Greenwich, Kingston, Lewisham, Southward, Wands worth Sutton, and Merton. Some of the famous and popular activities connected to major cities of south London are Brixton is very popular for live music and for famous clubs, these activities attracts the tourist to move to London. One of the world’s oldest picture galleries is located in Dulwich, which is located in South London. Along with all these Richmond Park is also located in South London and that is considered as the biggest park in Europe.

Wimbledon is another world-renowned sport arena is also available in south London that attracts the Tennis lovers and every year you can find large number of tourists is moving to London and especially to South London.


This place is located at the east of London and includes various small towns and boroughs such as Greenwich, Tower Hamlets, Newham and Southwark. It has a port and earlier it was considered as one of the largest port in the world. Now days this area is being developed for residential purpose and also for the commercial use. This name was first used in 1971 while finalizing the government plans and later on the Londoners adopted Dockyard name in their day-to-day use. The area of Dockland is spread along the river Thames and there are number of dockyard complexes such as St Katharine Docks, Surrey Commercial Docks, East India Docks, Regent’s Canal Dock, London Docks, Royal Docks and Mill wall Docks.

History of Dockyard

All these docks in Dockyard help tourists and local people while shipping to London and also for removal to London.

During Roman period’s number of ships was arriving at quays or at Southwark and these was called as pool of London by the Romans.

During that period this area had lot troubles from thieves and from local residents. At the same time, it was too congested to accommodate all the ships. Due to all these problems, Howland great dock was constructed in 1696 that had enough space and was well secured from thieves. Later on, various rulers developed this area and were called as London Dockyard.

West London

West London

West London is a part of Greater London and lays west side of the central area.

It is considered as economically advanced area in London and accounts for numerous government organizations and offices. Heathrow airport, which is considered as busiest airport in the world is also situated in West London. This airport helps visitors from other countries in relocating to London. West London caters for the various districts that are available around the M4 motor highway. The famous small towns that are located in West London are Hammersmith, Fulham, Ealing and Hounslow. In case of planning even the boroughs like Brent and Harrow are also part of West London but officially there are parts of North London.

Geography and districts of West London

River Thames is very near to the West London and area is all over even in nature except some parts of the northern area. As per latest planning of West London various new railways lines are being laid and it expected that few more boroughs and villages are likely to join the region of West London. Shepherds bush is also located in inner West London that is very popular for fashion and here the residential areas are very costly. The major carnival of Notting Hill is celebrated yearly by the Caribbean’s. This carnival is considered to be the largest festival in the world that is celebrated on the streets of West London. Around two million tourists and local people take part in this celebration. The other famous antique market that is located in Portobello Street also lays in West London.

In this area transportation system normally includes cars and public transports and that cater for the help the people move to London. There are mainly three type’s transportation links available in West London and they are central line and the district lines. The third line being the Piccadilly lines that is underground metro system. All these lines are served by three main hubs in West London namely Ealing, Richmond and the Hammersmith. Other than these transportation links there are two more systems that helps in transporting the people are cross rail and the West London trams.

Central London

moving to london

Central London is the inner part of the London and that is not well defined in case of area and boundary but it is considered as smallest region compared to other regions of London.

This region starts from Pimlico Street and is surrounded by less populated districts. Central London is famous for business transaction, entertainment, and tourism and for residential area. In other words, Central London is the nucleus of London city and is well surrounded by inner London. This area is densely populated when compared to other regions and even day to day facilities are also not up to the mark and thus people are planning to move away from central London for peaceful stay.

Especially in 20th century after Second World War London authorities have neglected this area and more importance is given to the other areas of the London and this is one of the reasons that people are not satisfied in Central London. But at present, the government is planning to provide all the necessary facilities so that they can restrict people from relocation to London.

During the year 1800, the railway lines were introduced in London but Central London was not provided with railway links and this can also be considered as one of the reasons for under development of Central London but later on, a terminal was constructed at Waterloo, Fenchurch and at Liverpool that helped local residents to move to London and other regions. These railway lines also helped in defining the boundaries of Central London and for the fast expansion of the Central region. This Central London includes number of various offices, museums, major corporate offices, libraries, professional institutions, large-scale retailing, department stores, universities, theatres, concert halls and entertainment facilities. The Central London has important small towns or the boroughs and they are Islington, Southwark, Kensington, Wandsworth, Camden, Chelsea, Lambeth and Westminster.

Aspects of moving to London England UK

If you have planned to move to London or relocation to London, then there are various reasons that will fulfill your desire and some of these aspects for moving to London are described in following paragraphs. There are two means of transportation that will enable you to move to London; one of them is by shipping to London and other by airlines.

London is one of the best and beautiful capital cities in the world and is highly reputed all over the world. It has great resources from history and is well-planed city compared to other cities in the world. There are various architectural structures that prove advancement of engineering skills and offer various job opportunities. All these characters of London city attracts many youths from different countries to find their jobs.

Even Julius Caesar visited city of London in 55 BC to take charge of the city.

Religion plays an important part in its civilization and helps people to live peacefully. Christianity is the major religion followed by people of London. Music and dance are the main likings of Londoners and plays an important part in every ones day-to-day life. Among these, classical music and operas are main cultural activities that are followed by each and every one and have great impact on everybody’s mind.

But now days, pop music and rap music is being mixed with the classical music and that is threatening the culture of Londoners. All these factors attract various tourists to move to London and some of the people those who have left London are also trying to relocation to London because London is a such a place that every one likes to live.

London is well connected with all the means of transportation such as waterways, airways and by the surface transports. Nowadays shipping to London is quite easy and there are various airways that help tourists to move to London with in shortest possible time.

It is very difficult to find a person who knows about complete London and it is not possible to understand the complete detailed information about London. One needs to only depend on the writings of the various authors which are not complete information. It takes months together to know about London and that too of limited region. It is all due to the latest changes that are taking every day but it is one fabulous city in the world and every individual should strive to visit at least once in his lifetime.

moving to londonThere are various tales from the pages of history about the city of London and it is a center point of tourist’s attraction as it has almost 2000 years of history. Every time you visit London you will find something new rewarding and interesting that will inspire you visit London again and again. Even though some people are forced about removal to London due to their compulsions but at the same numerous people are trying relocating to London.

There are beautiful streets, various museums and historical monuments in London that are to seen compulsory by each and every individual before removal to London. This city attracts all the age group tourists let it be child or an old man because there is something in London that attracts visitors. Children those are visiting to London should not miss out the children’s museum that is located in Bethnal it is dream come true for the children.

There are good restaurants and hotels that cater for all types of food and provide a comfortable stay for cheap rates. Some of the well-known areas in London are Paddington and Bayswater and these areas are walking distance away from Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.

Next to the Hays Galleria on the banks of Thames, you will find Lord Mayor building which is architecture’s wonder and every time you visit, you will find that this building is newly constructed. This building is in the shape of a golf ball and from the top of this building you can have views of Tower Bridge and the tower of London and by the side of mayor building, you find an open air gallery that is also one of the beautiful places to visit while you are in London.

Hampstead is another fascinating place located in North London, which is lust green and is a perfect site to visit once you are in London. Belsize Park and Primrose Hill are the visitor’s paradise that are away from the commercialism and provides complete satisfaction of being in London. This place is just near to the city center and is an attraction point for numerous visitors. Most of the historical monuments and the breath taking beautiful views are available in Hampstead and one should not miss this area once you have decided to move to London.

London Transportation

London is famous for its public transportation systems and there are various facilities available that will enable to move to London within shortest possible time.

For a new visitor, shipping to London is a great experience and at the same an individual can admire all the places that are located along the side of River Thames. In other words, owning of personal transportation is not at all required because various means of transportation are readily available at reasonable prices. One of the most popular, safe and reliable forms of transportation is metro railway system. This system saves time as well avoids finding oneself in traffic jams. Metro system is best and suitable transportation system for the new visitor because there is less chance of getting lost in London city and is very cost effective compared to other means.

London Buses

At late nights, when the metro system stops, London buses are most convenient means of transport and even bus route maps are sold on every stop that enables you to travel safely without many problems. Even day-passes are available with the bus driver that will enable you to a full day’s travel without buying tickets every now and then, when you desire to see various places. Another means of transportation is the black taxi that can be booked over telephone call and even roadside taxies are readily available for the tourists but this transportation is bit costly. These taxies can be used only in case of emergencies.

Another facility provided by the London transport authority is of travel card and these cards are available for three days, for a week or for month and in case if you are moving to London for more than year then you can opt yearly travel card. This card saves lot of money and provides with easy traveling. To know detailed knowledge about the transportation system in London the best site available is This site is dedicated only to the transportation and maintenances of the London city. The alphabets TFL in the web site stands for transportation facilities in London thus one can understand the importance of this site.

Important Places of London

Once you have decided moving to London England UK for longer duration you must visit following places in London that will provide money’s worth you have planned to spend. London is considered to be one of the finest tourist centers in the world and there are various places of great interest that can not to be missed out once you are in London or relocated to London.

The first ceremony that you should witness is the Queens guards changing ceremony in Buckingham palace, which lasts for 45 minutes and the ceremony, is accompanied by fabulous band.

Another place of interest is Madam Tussaud wax museum, where tourist can see the life size wax images of well known actors, famous pop stars and of political personalities of the World.

Next favorite hot spot of tourist is the London Dungeon where one can witness the gothic horrors, torture chambers and is well known for heart beating entertainments. These places are very close to central London and provide complete satisfaction to visitors.

EnglandOther places such as Big Ben, parliament houses and the Thames River are treating to watch and provides complete worth your money. Millennium wheel and London eye are the special rides that enable aerial view of London city and especially during night, it provides a splendor and glorious scenes of the city.

London zoo is very popular among children where they can see extinct species. If you are interested in life science, then there are various botanical gardens, amazing rivers and hilarious parks that will add to your knowledge bank.

For shoppers, there is an extra ordinary place called Chinatown where all of the shops are decorated with bright colors and one can find all items of your choice. By chance if you are moving to London in the month of December then at Chinatown, along with Christmas eves, you can also be a part of the Chinese New Year party in which you can witness the paper lions and their dances and various displays of fire works. All these activities are cannot be missed once you’re shipping to London or relocating to London.

London is also a paradise for various food and dishes and there are multi-storied restaurants, fabulous pubs and bars along with nightclubs that provide wholesome entertainment to the tourists. Places like Harrods and Oxford Street are other important places well known for the shopping and caters for the needs of shoppers. Of course, these places being the cosmopolitan venues, all items are costly and be careful while spending your money on useless shopping because there are still more that you cannot miss out.

life in London

If you have decided to move to London England UK for the purpose of job then along with your job see the surrounding places at the end of the week that will help you to know London in a right way. Enjoy the life in London and don’t miss out any opportunity to explore the places, historical monuments, parks and cruises that are available in and around London. For all the legal matters and various documents an individual can find all the information in website. This site deals with cities legal information and various required forms are available on this website. All the necessary and important tips are provided on this web site that helps the individual to know more about the government and its various channels of working.

Before moving to London, arrange for a visa and foreign bank accounts that will help you in saving lot of time and you will have peaceful time staying in London. First of all, grab the opportunities that comes your way, this will help you live in London and then try for a good career. There are many job opportunities and services available for the new comer but you need to be watchful while selecting the job.

London is a historical city and is renowned for great artists and authors. This city has witnessed the British and Roman rulers and also has faced the agony of World War II. All these characters are depicted in the London’s bridges, monuments and in the buildings. Not only that, it also has historical palaces, art galleries, Museums and squares that explains the greatness and historical importance of London city.

The Tower of London

the Big Ben

  • The tower of London is another historical monument that must be seen while you are in London. This monument is located on the banks river Thames. Even though this tower was attacked in 13th century and during World War II but still remains intact and attracts worldwide attention and it is considered as heritage site and at the same time holds the spirit of England UK. The Tower of London was constructed under the supervision of William the conqueror as capital of his kingdom in 11th century. This tower is around 90 feet in height and is in rectangular shape. In those days, it was an accommodation for the king and even well guarded prisons are also available in this tower.
  • Later on in 13th century Henry the third also visited this site and tried to expand and constructed a thick wall around the tower along with various towers. The famous church of St. Peter was also included in these walls along with big hall and a kitchen room. Even the waters of Thames Rivers were brought inside the tower for day-to-day purpose.
  • During the same this tower was converted into the fortress. The other tower available in this fortress is St. Thomas Tower from where the water of Thames entered into the fort, further Edward-I took charge of the fortress and he constructed a treasury to keep all the jewels and crowns and at present this is center of attraction for the visiting tourists.
  • In the 17th century various offices such as ordinance, stores, barracks and military establishments started taking over the tower .In and around 1850 queen Victoria provided modern look to the fort and later on Prince Albert also helped this tower with medieval look.
  • This tower must be visited at least once if you are in London; it is believed that still the ghosts of the prisoners are available in this building. At present this tower is maintained and looked after by the historic royal palaces management and is opened through out the day for the tourists. So don’t miss out the ghostly tower once you are shipping to London.

London Bridge

London Bridge

  • Foundation stone of London Bridge was laid by Peter, a priest in 1176. Earlier this bridge was of wooden material and it was very difficult to maintain and it was build by the Romans. This London Bridge was having around nineteen fabulous domes or the arches that made this bridge an attractive center for the tourist those are shipping to London through the Thames.
  • The priest died in 1205 and still the work of London Bridge was not completed. Later on three peoples completed the work by 1209.But this bridge was constructed narrower comparing to the original wooden bridge. This is because many houses and shops settled by the side of this London Bridge.
  • Along with defensive structure this bridge was also considered as shopping center and home for the poor people. Somewhere around 1209 a major fire broke out on London Bridge that destroyed many houses and shops and also killed around 3000 people. But again all the repair works carried out especially of the arches that were damaged by the fire. Still 1750 this London Bridge was the only main structure to pass the Thames River and later on the Westminster Bridge were constructed and were used by the people to cross the Thames.
  • Again in 1762, innovation work carried out on London Bridge and all the houses and shops evacuated and helped the bridge to become 14 meter wider and even large size boats could pass through the London Bridge. As this bridge was unable to withstand the heavy traffic of London, another bridge was constructed in the year 1800 and this bridge was named as Rennie Bridge. In the year 1832 the London Bridge was demolished for the safety purpose. The latest bridge is quite wide and is built with concrete is almost 105 meters in length. This London Bridge is one of the famous structures in London and one must see this once you are moving to London or while shipping to London.

Airports in London

There mainly three different airports in London namely Heathrow, Gatwick and Stanstead. Out of these three London airports Heathrow airport is the major one and it is considered as busiest airport in the world in terms of the traffic flow. All information regarding the airports and schedules is provided from the Central London.

To reach Heathrow airport one has to board at Paddington station other way to move to London airport is metro underground systems and from all the central London stations you can reach to Heathrow airport.

In case of reaching to Gatwick airport you can board from any of the Central London station to Victoria and from there you can travel with Gatwick express that enables you to reach to Gatwick airport. There is other option that is cheaper to above mentioned route and that is Brit mainline train that takes you direct to Gatwick station.

To reach to Stanstead airport you can board the train from Liverpool Street that takes you to Stanstead airport. Other wise Metro underground system is the best and fasted option to reach to Stanstead airport.

To check the status of your airline reservation here is telephone number that will provide you all the information regarding the schedule once you are relocation to London or removal to London. For information about flights taking off and landing at Heathrow airport, call on the number 0870 000 0123. For information about Gatwick airport call 01293 535 353.

Important tips

In case if you are unable to find your exact place or you are lost in the London city then do not get panic just use call boxes or the phone booths and inform about your where about to relatives and to the police station.

They will help you to reach to your destination. Of course these phones are bit costly so talk on about the specific information. For dialing out of the Central London use area code as 208 and code 207 in case of dialing internal part of the city. In case mobile dialing use zero as prefix before the number.

Carry your ATM card with you as they are various cash point centers that are located in the London city and this is the very safe method to carry money. Do not keep more cash with you. It is advice for the tourists to take return journey ticket whenever you are traveling in London.

In case you are on move to London for the first time then keep the various maps of London and get used to the signs that are available on the maps and on the roads or on the platforms. Pocket books are readily available and that provides complete information about the railway, air and bus timetables of London that is very handy and can be used all the time. This information about the transportation also helps in case of relocation to London and while removal to London.

In case you are shipping to London keep all the details and important documents with you that will avoid unnecessary delay.

Keep your Visa, passport and other important documents safely because these documents help in finding your identity. Same way when you are removal to London verifies all the documents from the London authority.

Before you move to London or shipping to London get complete information about the areas, major cities of the London, various languages spoken, currency system that is used in London and various other aspects that will help you in your day to day activities.

While removal to London; carry out complete formalities of the documents and fulfill all conditions that are required by the London government. Keep all your documents properly in safe custody because these are very much required during your move to London or relocation to London or while shipping to London and in case of removal to London. Here are some of the factors about the removal to London and other various areas.

While removal to London England UK you should know that the population of Greater London was around 7500000.All these peoples are of various cultures, religion and from different parts of the world. Some of the richest people from all over the world are found here in London. So before removal to London all these facts along with other should know to the individual. There is various removal companies exist in and around London that will help you in case of removal to London.

Professional services are also provided in case of shipping to London and in removal to London. These companies help in packing the items and helps in selecting the proper places in London. You just have to contact them they are available at your doorstep to help you in removal to London or relocation to London. All the items are properly placed and kept in order. So take help of these companies in case of removal London or relocation to London or in case of shipping to London. For more information about London individual can log on to London tourist. This site provides complete details about London and it’s near by cities. This is a well-known site that helps an individual to know more and more about the beautiful city.

So all this was about London but there are various points that are to be written about the London because it is vast that it cannot be completed in small articles. All the efforts are made in this article to provide correct facts and figures but still the readers are advised not to take these figures as authentication.

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