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Visas for New Zealand

When relocating to New Zealand permanently or for a long-term work assignment, getting the right visa is important. 

Skilled Migrant Visa for New Zealand is for people who have the skills, qualifications and work experience that the country needs.

Work to Residence allows certain people to work in the country temporarily and take steps to become a resident. The people who qualify include those in qualified occupations that are in demand, those who have a job through an accredited employer or who have exceptional talent in sports or the arts.

Residence from Work Visa is for people already in New Zealand on a temporary Work to Residence visa and want to apply for permanent residence.

If you are joining a partner or spouse in New Zealand, the Family Stream program helps you do so.

Find details about New Zealand Visa requirements on the official website >


Customs Requirements for New Zealand

Most household goods and personal belongings can be brought into New Zealand duty-free, however clearing them with customs is required. Household concessions may not apply to vehicles, boats or aircraft. Full customs requirements for New Zealand >

New Zealand has strict rules regarding the importation of pets and domestic animals. Before pets can be released to their owners, they must pay customs charges and get a biosecurity clearance issued. Find details on pets in New Zealand here > 


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About New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand ohas become a popular relocation destination for US residents and others all over the globe. New Zealand offers top-notch education, employment, entertainment, recreation, health care, and everything that you want in a great place to live.

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Retiring to New Zealand

Being one of the most prolific nations in Southern Hemisphere, New Zealand offers many benefits, with several top-notch destinations considered the best places to retire.

Moving to Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton, or Wellington are all great choices. The forests, coral reeds, gorgeous islands, and beautiful locations are ideal for relaxing and enjoying the serenity of nature.

In addition, its low cost of living is perfect for retirees. One senior person can spend around $15 to $20 per month and live a comfortable life here. Expense for food includes $175 to $275 on an average.

Moreover, medical costs are also low in New Zealand. The average cost per month is around $10 and $13 for good insurance.

Education in New Zealand

Many people consider relocating to New Zealand for excellent educational opportunities. The education system is extremely reputed and recognized internationally for high academic standards.

In fact, there are international study programs and work experience programs along with academic education for the international students in New Zealand. The colleges and universities also provide a high standard of education.

Attractions of New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand is a great choice for nature lovers with snow capped mountains, thermal geysers, glaciers and underwater marvels. There are also a wide range of attractions in New Zealand that can be easily accessed by car in a short period of time.

The opportunities are really varied, you can try bungee jumping in Queenstown, skiing down at Mt Cook, or enjoying the sunset of the tropical north.
Whether you Move to Wellington, the capital of New Zealand; Christchurch, the city where English is spoken randomly; or the city of Sails, Auckland; there are many entertainment and recreational opportunities. There is never a dull moment in New Zealand!

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Employment in New Zealand

The economy of New Zealand is well developed and it is one of the top-fifty employment destinations in the world. Various industries are well established and employment opportunities are generally abundant.

The process of moving can be complex. It is essential to take proper steps to plan your international move and Gateways is here to help. We do all we can to make your relocation to New Zealand successful with free estimates and contacts with the best of movers.

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