Moving to Oceania

Moving to Oceania? Before you make your decision, it is important to be sure about all and look for relevant information. We are here to assist you with all the necessary information that can help you with your move to Oceania. What’s more, we will also assist you with finding the best international movers, who will ship all your possessions in a secure manner from door to door internationally and within Oceania as well. The process is simple, all you have to do is fill in a form, and we will send you ten personalized quotes from a few pre screened international shipping companies to make your task of moving to Oceania much simpler.

The rules and regulations of different countries in Oceania vary from one to another and being familiar with them before you start your process of moving is paramount. Below is handy check list that will help you plan your transfer well, so that you do not have a thing to worry about when you finally arrive in the city of your choice in Oceania.

Organizing your Visa

The Visa formalities for countries within Oceania vary greatly, depending on the purpose of your stay and how long you wish to stay in Oceania, you will have to apply for your visa accordingly. The best way to understand what type of visa you need to apply for is to speak with an immigration consultant or speak with someone from the embassy who can ensure that you follow the right process.

You may be travelling for work or business, or you may wish to seek permanent residency, the process is different for each and every country and visa.

Making sure that you apply for the correct visa is the first step of the process, and doing so well in advance is extremely important. Getting a visa may take a long time, so start as early as you can with the right assistance if you want to make it there without any hassles and in a stress free manner.

Financial Requirements

Financial documents that show that you can fund your stay in Oceania may be a pre requisite for your Visa application. You will have to provide income and savings proof which shows that you can afford to stay in the country.

If you cannot furnish these documents, you may require a letter from a sponsor (relative or employee) along with the terms, like an employer’s contract. Anything that will help you prove that you can take care of the funding for your stay in the country.

Living Costs

The living costs in Oceania will not be very different from the ones you experienced when you were in your home country. However, if you were a home owner and now are renting a place, you may have to take in to account rentals. Other living costs that will make your list include travel costs, food, communication expenses like phone, internet etc. Electricity, heating, insurance and leisure costs, are something you should account for as well. The costs will vary from person to person depending on the kind of lifestyle it is that you lead, eating out at restaurants, subscribing to magazines, choosing to travel by public transport as opposed to a private vehicle are factors that play an important role in determining how much you may end up spending.

Be sure that you tally these costs and have a fair idea of how much money you end up saving when you move. This will help you make the right decision when you start considering your move to Oceania.

Organize your finances

The reason why you need to organize your finances before you move to Oceania is because you will need access to cash as soon you arrive. You will need money to pay bills, eat and basically just get by when you are in a new country. If you start early and plan well, it can be arranged and is not difficult.

To start with, make sure that you changed the details of your account, while you are still in your home country, because when you move, doing so from Oceania is going to be difficult. Another important thing that you need to do is activate phone and net banking, so that your account can be accessed from absolutely anywhere. This way you can ensure that you are not stranded and have access to cash and can make payments at all times.

You should also start the process of starting a local bank account and to do this you will have to furnish the bank with some documentation. Ideally you should find out what the process is before you arrive in Oceania and you should have already identified a bank and branch that is close to where you wish to stay. Speak with the manager over the phone, but make sure the formalities are handled face to face when you arrive so that you can build a great working relationship. You will need proof of residence in the new city, tax reference and will also need your passport to open an account.

Change of address

Most people will maintain an address in the home country, so that they can get their bills and bank statements at that address. You could ask your friends and family members to forward the mail you receive to you in Oceania or you could simply avail of a good mail forwarding service as well.


When moving out of your home, you may not want to take all your possession with you, as the cost of shipping these possessions may work out to be more expensive than buying new goods itself. Therefore, finding a secure storage facility in your city that can store your goods till you come back is a great idea. Be sure to organize your storage well, have labeled boxes so that you have no trouble locating items when you need them on your return.

Insurance and Health Care

You will have to undergo a health check up before a visa is granted to you for Oceania. Post this you could also choose to avail of a health insurance. Be sure that you have a thorough health check up and take necessary measures to ensure that you are in the pink of health when you arrive in the new country, or else you may have trouble expressing your illness given the barrier in language.

For health insurance you could avail of some good comprehensive packages that suit you.

Renew your passport and documents

Renewing documents can take a lot of time, and therefore you have to start as early as you can to get documents like your passport, driver’s license, credit cards and other documents renewed so that you can use them for the visa process and when you arrive in the new country.

Be sure to have copies of all these documents tucked in different bags, so that you always have alternative arrangements in case you were to lose the original copies.

Driver’s License

Your driver’s license may not work in Oceania, and depending on the country you are in you may have to apply for an International driving license. Check with the embassy before you set sail for Oceania and make sure that you have a temporary license in place in case you need to drive before you get an international license for use in the country you will be residing in.

Electrical Goods

The voltage in different countries varies but ranges from 230 – 240V. So, be sure that you have made arrangements accordingly before you move to Oceania. You may have to arrange for alternate power supplies for some of your electrical goods like your laptops, or else you could simply purchase new electrical goods there. Check with manufactures in your home country and they could help you out with new power supply.

Phone Home

Like in your home country, when you apply for a new landline phone in Oceania it will take some time to set up. Be sure that you have a mobile phone handy so that you can make phone calls and can be reached easily during an emergency. Calling cards are easily available in big cities and you can use them to call home as and when you like without worrying about when your landline will arrive.

Oceania is indeed beautiful and if you wish to make the most of you stay, you should research as much as you can and find out all there is to know about your new place of stay. Get started and use the information provided above. We wish to help you as much as we can, and therefore we request you to fill in the simple estimate form below with your requirements for shipping your possessions. When you do this, we will send you at least ten personalized quotes from some of the best international moving companies who can help you move all your possessions internationally in a secure manner.