Moving tips

Are you going to move to another state or country? Are you looking for some long distance moving tips? Moving, whether it is short distance or long distance moving, usually requires you to move all of your possessions also. And shifting all your belongings in your personal car is simply not possible. This is where long distance movers come into picture. Both interstate moving and international moving come under category of long distance move, as moving companies consider a distance of 100 miles or more to be long distance.

When it comes to finalize one of the long distance or international movers, it is important that you compare the quotes from different companies to find one that suits your budget and requirements. However, it is certainly a tough and time consuming job to do so. Good news is that we can make this difficult job easy for you. All you need to do is to fill in our online estimate form and we would get back to you with free quotes from top moving companies around.

Besides that, we would also provide you with some useful tips for moving, which would help to make your moving process smoother.

Packing your stuff

This is one of the most important moving tips. Before you start to pack, it would be important that you get appropriate packing supplies. Packing supplies usually contains boxes for moving, box cutter, some sort of wrap, markers, labels etc. It is best to start packing ASAP. It should be the first most important task on your moving checklist. You can start packing with the non-essential items first. It is advisable to discard or sell all unnecessary things in a yard sale or you may even consider donating some items. It can significantly reduce your moving cost.

Moving Your Piano

If you own a Piano, it is quite a complicated process to move it. The only risk is not to the piano, but there are also other risks including bodily injury to mover and other people as well as risk of damage to other property. Considering all these facts, it becomes important that moving a piano is done only by expert piano movers who are properly trained to handle pianos. You may want to talk to your moving company about it.

Keep Phone Numbers and Addresses Handy

You should have as many addresses handy as possible. You should have every phone number and address that you think you may need, handy. Some possible numbers and addresses might be of employers, schools, doctors, family and friends.

Complete all your Unfinished Business in Time

It is also important to ensure that you complete all your unfinished business where you work and also leave your contact and new address information for any communication that may be necessary for accounts and tax purposes.

Change of Address

It is important to notify your post office about your new address as early as 4 weeks before your moving date. You should also notify your bank about the same so that they can guide you to next appropriate action.

Thus, we see that even if you have put the responsibility of transporting your stuff on the shoulders of a moving company, yet there is so much work to do on your own. It is so very necessary to properly plan every step of your long distance move and take help of some of the long distance moving tips. And as far as selecting the right moving company is concerned, don’t forget to fill in our free estimate form for quotes from top movers around the world.

Bon Voyage!