Moving To Asia

The Asian continent is the most diverse continent you can find on the planet. Different Asian countries boast of different cultures, ethnicity, life style, traditions, languages, architecture and many other aspects. If you are a UK or US citizen, moving to Asia will affect your lifestyle greatly and so, you need professional help in every step during the relocation process. The thriving market and opportunities for foreign workers invite expats from different parts of the world to settle down in Asia.

Organizing Your Visa

The Asian continent comprises of 30 counties and needless to say, each country has different rules and regulations regarding visas. Irrespective of your nationality, you need to obtain proper visas for entering and staying in one of the Asian countries. If you are a UK or US citizen, the cultural differences may come as a shock to you. So, experts advise that you come to one of the Asian countries as a tourist and experience the culture so that you can determine whether you can live in the country peacefully.

You should have your visas ready before you actually relocate to Asia. Visa processing may take anywhere from three to six months depending on the type of visa you are looking for. It is generally easier to obtain a visa through your employer and so, you should look for a job first before moving to Asia. You can apply for permanent residence in one of the Asian countries, but you need to show proof that you are of value to the country. To get more information on different types of Asian visas, visit the embassy in your country and ask for visa application forms.

Financial Requirements

As moving from one continent to another is a very expensive ordeal, you have to keep your finances ready before taking the relocation decision. Retirees need to show valid proof of savings to settle down in Asia. People who come to Asia under work visas should have proper documents suggesting that an employer is in fact willing to hire.

Many Asian countries are now open for offshore businesses and so, entrepreneurs can find numerous opportunities to start or expand a business in Asia. Rules are stringent for foreign companies to start their offices in Asia. You need to regulate and show proof of your wealthy financial condition in order to support yourself and your company while you are in Asia.

Living Costs

The cost of living is increasing in every country and Asian countries are no exception. Sometimes, people from western countries have to adjust to a lower standard of living in order to cope up with inflation in Asia. Property rental and purchase is one of the major expenses when you live in Asia. The location of the property plays a major role in its pricing. If you have to travel for a long distance, you should ensure that public transportation is available in the city in which you live. Owning a vehicle in Asia is not as cheap as you would think and the petrol prices too are increasing at a rapid pace.

Utilities such as heat, electricity, air conditioning, gas can all add up to thousands of dollars every year. It is better to look for a job that pays in local currency so that you don’t have to deal with exchange rates for every single thing in the country. Telephone and internet services are available in plenty, but many telecom providers are not completely established in Asia. Before choosing your favorite provider, ensure that the plan coverage and network connectivity is good.

The money you have to spend on food is probably cheap in Asia as you can find food for several price ranges in different parts of the country. You should however note that Asian food is very different from American or British food and looking for home flavors may not be the best idea. Some of the Asian countries offer exorbitant night life and some countries have stringent limitations.

Organize Your Finances

Before making your relocation decision about moving to Asia, you should organize your finances properly. The amount of effort and time required to travel to and fro from US or UK to Asia is enormous and so, you should find ways to organize finances that doesn’t require you to travel to your home country. You can always maintain an overseas account in your home country, but experts strongly suggest that you have a local account to pay your utility bills.

Most of the Asian banks provide mobile banking and phone banking facility, but you can’t deny that some of the remote cities still follow traditional banking practices. Opening and maintaining bank accounts in Asian countries is easy and simple as you only need proof of address, proof of visa and passport to open a bank account.

The banking practices in Asia are customer centric and so, visiting your bank branch often will help you to set things in proper motion. With a good relationship with your bank, you can carry out even the toughest of banking tasks easily.

Change of Address

While you may want to maintain an address in your home country, you need to ensure that all your mails are forward to your new city properly. Moving to another city in your own country is far easier as you only have to notify your postal department about change of address. International relocation is totally different and you should look for a mail forwarding service to email your documents properly. It is always better to ask one of your friends to keep tracking your mail inbox so that you don’t miss out on important mails.


Moving to Asia is inherently expensive and you may not want to take all of your goods with you. The shipping cost increases with the amount of goods you intend to move. To save moving cost, you have to reduce the volume and weight of goods you intend to carry. After moving your stuff, if you find that you can’t have all your goods with you, you can look for a local storage company that will store your goods for monthly rental. While selecting a storage service, ensure that the company has security surveillance and allows you to access your goods at any time you want.

Insurance and Health Care

The Asian countries provide excellent health care facilities so much so that several expats organize medical tours to undertake expensive medical procedures. Insurance coverage options are plenty and you have to choose the coverage applicable for you. Not all Asian employers provide insurance for their employees and so, it is your responsibility to check with your employer about the coverage provided and available. Vehicle insurance options are also available and you need to choose a plan that best suits your needs.

Renew Your Passport and Documents

Legal procedures and paperwork are exhaustive in Asia and you can save a lot of hassle when your passport and other documents are updated and current. Before moving to Asia, ensure that all your documents are valid and current. Making changes to your documents is much easier in your home country. Otherwise, you have to keep visiting the embassy for every minor change.

Driver’s License

Unless you have an international driving license, you have to obtain a new driver’s license in Asia. Road rules and traffic are extremely different in Asia and it is probably best not to buy a car immediately after arriving in Asia. You have to get used to the local road rules before you can muster enough confidence to drive your own car in one of the Asian countries.

Electrical Goods

All foreign equipments require adapter for use in Asia. Some of the equipments like your DVD may not work at all due to different configurations. As electrical goods are considerably cheaper in Asia, there is no need to haul your old electrical goods and look for adapter solutions in the new city. This tip will also help you to reduce the volume of goods to be shipped so that you can save on international shipping too.

Phone Home

When you are moving to Asia, you should immediately look for a local network provider for making local calls and messages. Getting land lines is not a simple process and you may have to wait for a few weeks to setup everything. Mobile phones on the other hand are extremely cheap and GSM networks are pretty popular in Asia. Local calls and messages are cheap, but international calls may turn out to be expensive. You should look for other solutions such as VOIP for international calling to save money on your phone bill.

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