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Gateways congratulates you on having identified the perfect door to door shipping partner – the pre screen international moving companies listed on our website have a wealth of experience helping clients in moving to India! These professional international movers can also provide you with up to ten free estimates of the expenses that you are likely to incur while relocating to India. All you need to do is fill out the short, no-obligation free estimate form to set the process rolling!


Thanks to the long years of experience shipping in this sector, a perfect working knowledge of the various aspects of shipping to India is what the pre-screen international moving companies listed on Gateways can give you. Over the years, they have built strong business ties with most of the cargo liners operating on this route; this is crucial in keeping delays at bay since these carriers ferry consignments to ports closest to India on a weekly basis. Moreover, since their personnel are frequent visitors to the customs clearance offices, their relationship based on mutual trust also ensures that the clearance process is carried out in a quick and efficient manner. Starting from sending one of their personnel to visit your premises so as to ascertain the volume of goods to be shipped to India, going on to assisting with the flawless packaging techniques and finally unloading the goods and unpacking them at the destination of your choice, just everything about your move to India is taken care of.

Do feel free to take a look at the international moving guide for help with your move. They also do undertake car shipping in case you do require this service.

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A perfect working knowledge of the various aspects of shipping to India is what you can expect from us. India is evolving at a pace so rapid that it has left its title of a вАШdeveloping countryвАЩ far behind; the increasing number of people moving to India is an indicator of the boom in the Indian economy and the vast opportunities that are mushrooming of late. If you are a non resident Indian returning home for good вАУ look no further! In order to set the process rolling, simply fill out the free estimate form for a reasonable quote from us.

We cater to clients relocating to India on a regular basis and hence if you are one of those planning to make a move to India, you have come to the right place! The ease with which we handle a case of relocation to India is purely by virtue of the number of orders that we execute on behalf of our clients who are shifting base. Since our personnel deal with key officials belonging to the customs clearance department, we know exactly what they look for before showing the green signal. Fine details concerning the kind of packaging that is preferred by them, the manner in which documentation is to be presented and even matters concerning quarantine and related matter in case of pets that need to move to India with you are all absolutely familiar to us вАУ as a matter of fact, we know the procedures involved in shipping to India as well as you would know the back of your hand! We will also be able to guide you as to the best entry point into the country since you have the option of choosing from the many ports that line the Indian peninsula, based on your final destination within the country.

Hence if you have decided upon what you intend to carry along with you when you move to India, and what you are planning to leave behind, do fill up the free estimate form. We are in a position to give you a realistic quote, given by the best international movers, owing to the fact that we carry out the process of shipping to India frequently and hence know the exact costs involved in the same. We are confident that no other operator in this sector will be able to better our price! The free estimate form is an absolute no obligation form, which means that there is no compulsion what so ever for you to hire our services. You can well use the quote we give you to arrive at a rough amount that you must set aside so as to plan out the rest of the expenses that you may encounter while relocating to India. But yes, so competitive is our quote that you will find it difficult to choose any one else to help you move to India.

So what are you waiting for?! Simply complete the free estimate form and allow us to swing into action instantly. You will hear from us shortly on the matter вАУ we assure you of our best services at all times!

Gateways stands committed to one purpose – making your relocation to India as comfortable and relaxed as possible. While relocating to India, by receiving an estimate of the tentative expenses that you are likely to encounter well in advance, you will be in a much better position to plan out the other expenses related to settling down there, after you have moved in. It is keeping this in mind that we have made it a point to make a variety of options available to you that you can choose from – all you need to do is fill out the short free estimate form and you will promptly receive up to ten realistic and reasonable quotes for the complete job of shipping to India. Irrespective of whether it is a personal move involving the shipping of household items and belongings or a corporate move involving shifting premises of businesses, the international movers showcased on Gateways will be able to help you with it.

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