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Customs Requirements for Italy

Household items and personal belongings can typically be brought into Italy without duty. However, they must be claimed and declared through customs. Small amounts of tobacco and alcohol are permitted.

Pets are also generally allowed per the regulations. Contact the nearest embassy for details. An import license is required for birds.

Read full details on customs requirements for Italy >


Visas for Italy

To be a foreigner employed in Italy, the employee is not required to have work card, which was mandatory in the past. However, there are certain restrictions that have been imposed on foreign immigration. Providing fingerprint identification is a must for any Americans moving to Italy or emigrants from other parts of the world.

It is also suggested that the foreigners should get a high-end identity card that includes a magnetic strip. This card bears all the necessary information such as residency status, personal information, or criminal records (if any).

If you are considering working in Italy, then you have to deal with certain legalities to prove your eligibility. Work permits may be granted to those who want to practice a profession independently, start an enterprise, work for an employer within the quota system.

Get more information on work permits in Italy here >


About Italy

There are ample of factors that make Italy a great destination for relocation. The education, employment, or housing aspects are all very good.

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 Considering all the given aspects, it is for sure that moving to Italy is a good choice for various reasons. Whether you are moving to Tuscany Italy, moving to Rome Italy, moving to Milano Italy, or any other city, the scopes and opportunities are huge. On top of that, Gateways can make the relocation process easier!

Moving to Italy   Relocating to Italy
Remember, patience if the key when you are moving to Italy. It will take some time to know and get familiar with the local culture of the land. In terms of the bureaucratic aspect, the recent additions in the laws have reduced a certain amount of the paperwork.


Moving to Italy with Children

Moving internationally with children can be tough. Kids have more emotional attachment with their home, environment, and friends, and they find it difficult to pack their bags and settle to a new place. It becomes important to find the right environment for the kids and provide them with good educational possibilities. In Italy, thousands of foreign couples are satisfied with the educational opportunities offered in Italy. The public education system is excellent and the entertainment and recreational facilities are also abounding. Therefore, the kids get a great scope of quality educational opportunities and also exciting recreational facilities.


Moving to Italy with Pets

Moving pets to Italy is simple and the legal hazards are quite few. There are no limitations of visa for moving the pets into Italy. However, it is important to bear a proof that your pet is healthy.

The vet must certify that the pet has gone through a rabies shot between one month and 12 months before landing in the new place. If you are a cat owner moving to Rome Italy, then you have a reason to celebrate.

Rome is a city where the felines have a dedicated fan club, and they loiter freely. If you don’t have a cat, and you would like to have one, then you can easily get a furry friend in this city.

How to make Relocation Less costly

Deciding about the things to take, plays a key role in the total moving expense. It is better if you take as little as possible. If you take a lot of things and belongings, then the shipping charge will cost you a lot. The process of making an international relocation is itself expensive and therefore, you must be careful in dealing with the things that you need to pack and ship.

There are excellent housing opportunities in Italy. Many apartments in Italy come fully furnished. Apartments which are not completely furnished can be easily taken care of. So, there is no point on shipping every household item when moving to Italy. Rather, it is wise to arrange a sale of some items before you move.

The most vital part of the moving process is hiring the right mover in complete the process in a smooth manner. There are numerous movers in Italy and finding the best and the most suitable moving company can be a hectic task. Gateways International Moving company is here to help! Simply fill out the free quote form at the top of this page to get started. 

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