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Are you an island lover and thinking of moving to Denmark or even immigrating to Denmark? What makes Denmark so special? The Kingdom of Denmark is a group of 18 islands. It is situated at the north of Germany. Among the Nordic countries Denmark is the southernmost and the smallest country. Denmark is a constitutional monarchy. It is also a part of European Union.

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The extremely healthy market economy has been responsible for the country becoming a progressive one, prompting many to move to Denmark for better prospects. We have a wealth of experience helping our clients in relocating to Denmark and therefore are well versed with just any aspect of shipping to Denmark. All that is required of you is fill out the no obligation free estimate form to set the entire process rolling!

We have a sound working knowledge of the various aspects that require attention while shipping to Denmark – and this is exactly why you must choose us! We staunchly believe that while choosing the operator to help you with shipping to Denmark, it is best to choose international movers with plenty of experience shipping in this sector and our belief is not unfounded. Since our personnel are frequent visitors to the customs clearance offices at the various check points in Denmark, we have an excellent professional rapport with key customs authorities; this relationship being based on mutual trust goes a long way in helping the clearance process get completed in a quick and efficient manner. The fact that we have close ties with most of the cargo liners operating on this route is another major advantage. We have years of experience and expertise that we have earned in course of time, which we use to help our valued clients move to Denmark.

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Our objective is only one – making your relocation to Denmark as comfortable and relaxed as possible. We prove this by keeping ourselves reachable at all times so that you can check on the status of your shipment that is in the process of moving to Denmark. It is keeping this same end in mind that we have also incorporated the immensely useful feature of obtaining a free estimate from us. Once you fill out the short free estimate form, we will promptly send you a realistic and extremely reasonable quote for the complete job of shipping to Denmark. Beginning with sending one of our personnel visiting your premises to ascertain the volume of goods to be shipped to Denmark to assisting with proper packaging techniques and finally unloading the goods and unpacking them at the destination of your choice, just everything about your move to Denmark is taken care of!

So sit back and relax, secure in the thought that you are hiring the services of one of the best operators when it comes to shipping to Denmark –! Simply fill out the brief free estimate form for a speedy and competitive quote from us; we are standing by ready to swing into action the moment we hear from you!

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Denmark is surrounded by Sweden (southwest), Norway (south). The borders of Denmark are covered with Baltic Sea and the North Sea. Denmark and Sweden are connected with five main islands; they are Fyn, Sj?lland, Lolland, Langeland, Falster, and M?n. The area of Denmark is 43,094 sq km (16,639 sq mi.) excluding Faroe Islands and Greenland. The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen. This is a largest city of Denmark. According to 2003 censes the total population of Denmark is 5,384,384.

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The temperature of Denmark fluctuates very much, as it depends on the changes in wind direction. In Denmark the temperature in winter is about 0В°C and in summer it is about 16В°C. So if you are moving to Denmark or immigrating to Denmark or thinking of relocating to Denmark then you have to carry your woolen clothes with you, as it is the coolest place especially in winter.

If you are moving to Denmark or relocating to Denmark or immigrating to Denmark you can visit to Tivoli Garden which is situated in Copenhagen. This is an extensive flower garden. You will also find restaurants pavilions, cafes, an amusement park and open-air theaters in here.

The people of Denmark speak Danish language, as it is their official language. They can also speak English, as it is treated as a second language. So if you are relocating to Denmark or immigrating to Denmark you should have speaking power of Danish language (preferably) else English language can also be helpful for you.

If you are immigrating to Denmark or relocating to Denmark you have so many options of schools and universities for your children. The International People’s College, and the gymnastic institute of France Nachtegall (1777-1847), was established in 1921 at Helsing?r. Other important universities are ?lborg University (1974); ?rhus University (1928); the University of Copenhagen, the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (1856) are situated in Copenhagen. The Technical University of Denmark (1829), Odense University (1964) and Roskilde University (1972) all are located in Copenhagen. Other institutions include the ?rhus School of Architecture (1965); Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (1754), the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music (1867) and the Copenhagen Business School (1917).

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The currency of Denmark is the krone, or crown. So for relocating to Denmark or moving to Denmark, you have to convert your currency into krone or crown. This is usually done while immigrating to Denmark.

As Denmark is a group of small islands, the important means of transportation in Denmark is ferry. These ferries link the islands with one another. Like Jutland with Baltic islands and these islands with Germany, Norway and Sweden. Another means of transportation in Denmark is railways, roads, airlines. Thus, shipping to Denmark or to its islands can easily be done. If you are thinking for relocating to Denmark or immigrating to Denmark, then you should be thinking of shipping to Denmark also.

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