Moving to Luxembourg

Thinking of moving to Luxembourg with the best international movers? Let us tell you about what makes Luxembourg different. Luxembourg is located in the northwestern Europe. Surrounded by Belgium (northwest), France (south), and Germany (northeast). It is among one of the world’s smallest nations. The total area of Luxembourg is 2,586 sq km (998 sq mi). According to 2003 censes the total population of Luxembourg is 454,157. The currency of Luxembourg is the Euro.

The capital of Luxembourg is Luxembourg City. It is located on a sandstone plateau. The Alzette River and its tributary, the Petrusse, have deep cuts; winding ravines on the sandstone plateau. The official languages of Luxembourg are Luxembourgian, German and French. English language is also spoken in its surrounding areas. So if you are relocating to LuxembourgВ you should have speaking power of Luxembourgian or German or French language else English language can also is helpful for you.

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The fish market is located in the heart of the old town. In this town several 17th and 18th century buildings are standing. Luxembourg National Museum (National Museum of History and Art) is also among these buildings. A 13th century building Um Bock, is the city’s oldest building, is also located here. Some other important cultural institutions situated in Fish market are the History Museum of the City of Luxembourg (1996) and the Jean-Pierre Pescatore Museum of fine arts (1966). If you want to know about tourist offices or places in Luxembourg, then you can logon to

The Grand Ducal Institute is the major cultural institution of Luxembourg. In this institute the many different sections like history, arts and literature, languages and folklore, science, medicine, and moral and political sciences. This institution acts as a promoter of the humanities, arts, and general culture rather than as a conservator. In Luxembourg City there is a widespread market of painting and sculpture (both traditional and modern).

The climate of Luxembourg is mild. The south of Luxembourg is more humid whereas the north is slightly colder. During winters the temperature range from 0.7В° C (33В° F) and in summer (July) it becomes 17В° C (63В° F). With a moderate climate, Luxembourg is a great destination any time of year.

Now let us see the different options of moving to Luxembourg. Luxembourg has maintained several highways. These are linked with its neighboring countries. The canalized Moselle River on Aport at Mertert connects with the Rhine waterway system. This provides a path for the international movement of goods to Luxembourg. Thus, shipping to Luxembourg can easily be done with the help of these transportations. Here railways are modern, mostly double-tracked, and electrified. The near by countries are large connected with Luxembourg with railways. A major part of international transportation to and from Luxembourg is done by railways (for booking and other information you can logon to raileurope). A major European air terminal, Findel Airport is situated outside Luxembourg City. The national airline of Luxembourg is Luxair. This airline flies to 21 European cities (for booking, flight charges you can logon to

If you are looking for hotels in Luxembourg, then logon to This site will give you the information about different hotels, their offers, services, facilities, booking etc. if you love to eat and looking for good restaurants then logon to This site will inform you about different restaurants with their specialties.

Americans of Luxembourg has formed the Luxembourg American Cultural Society. It was formed in 2004. This society helps in protecting Luxembourg heritage in the US. They also try to promote the relationships between the US and the people of Luxembourg. So if you are an American and want to join to society then you can logon to

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