Moving to Scotland

Thinking of moving to Scotland? What makes Scotland different? Let us gather some information for you.

General Information

Scotland is located in the northwest Europe. It is a constituent country of United Kingdom. It is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean (north & west), North Sea (east), the North Channel and Irish Sea to the southwest, and England (south). The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh. Edinburgh is the largest financial centre of Europe. The largest city of Scotland is Glasgow. The total land area of Scotland is 78,790 sq km (30,420 sq mi). This land area includes the islands of Scotland.

The estimated population of Scotland is 4,459,071.The currency is the pound sterling. So for relocating to Scotland, you have to convert your currency into the pound sterling.

The main language of Scotland is English. According to the survey 30 percent of the population speaks Scottish language. So if you are thinking of immigrating to Scotland you should have the speaking power of English or Scottish language.

The climate of Scotland is moderate and tends to be very changeable. During winter, the average temperature in the lowlands is 6В°C (42.8В°F) and in summer, the average temperature range is 18В°C (64.4В°F). So you will have to carry your woolen clothes with you, especially in winter.

Shipping to Scotland

Relocating to Scotland on a weekday is what we would recommend, in order to avoid delays due to the customs offices being closed on non working days. As with any new destination, shipping to Scotland comes with a new set of rules and formalities that need to be fulfilled and owing to this, it is best to follow the guidelines as laid down by the Scottish authorities in terms of packaging procedures and other aspects related to documentation so as to ensure that only a minimum amount of time is spent obtaining the clearance while shipping to Scotland. Our members of staff are in regular contact with the key authorities in charge and the excellent professional rapport that we have successfully maintained with them helps speed up the clearance process. With the help of careful planning and research on the various processes that form part of the customs authorities’ personnel who are engaged in screening goods entering the country, we have come to be market leaders in this sphere. The result is expected – ultimate customer delight every single time we serve you!

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First of all, it is important to make a list of the household goods and personal belongings that you intend to take along with you when you move to Scotland. Thereafter, you need to arrive at a rough volume of space that these goods will occupy and then fill up our short and simple free estimate form. We shall review the details and get back to you promptly, with an estimate of the cost that you are likely to incur while relocating to Scotland with our best international movers, with your belongings. We are sure that the quote we give you will definitely be the lowest that you will find in this sector. We always strive to keep the quote as close possible to the real costs so that you need not spend precious time shopping around for a better rate! Besides this, you get to get to plan out any other expenses that you may need to cater to while moving to Scotland.

We mean it when we say that this service is absolutely free – it is a no obligation form that you fill up only to help yourselves! Our team of professionals is standing by to help you relocate to Scotland. Simply fill up the free estimate form to reach us and start the process now!

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Costoms Information

If you are immigrating to Scotland from European Union, you do not require visa as Scotland is situated in the northwest Europe. If you are moving to Scotland from Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein then you require a work permit. If its from Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Australia, Israel, New Zealand, Japan, the US and, South Africa, you do not require visa for 6 months. If you relocating from Commonwealth of Nations, and British dependent territories you can stay in UK for 2 years. if you live in other countries you can obtain visa from your nearest British embassy or British high commission.


There are different options to do the move. In Scotland there are mainly four international airports. These are Aberdeen Airport, Edinburgh Airport, Glasgow International Airport, and Glasgow Prestwick International Airport. These airports provide international and national services. There are many domestic airlines. For domestic flight you can log on to,,,,, . These sites will give you the information about the flights destinations, departure, arrival, ticket booking, their services, offers etc. Thus,these air services makes moving to Scotland easier.

The rail network in Scotland covers most of the country. Some of the main rail terminals are Aberdeen Station, Edinburgh Waverley Station, Glasgow Queen Street Station, Glasgow Central Station, and Inverness Station. In UK three national train lines provide their services to Scotland. These train lines are West Coast Main Line. Here the trains run from Glasgow Central Station to London, East Coast Main Line, here trains run between Edinburgh and London’s King Cross station and Cross Country network, here trains run between Scotland and Manchester.

Between large islands and across the Clyde estuary the transportation services are provided by ferry. The largest ferry on the west coast and Clyde is Caledonian MacBrayne’. This ferry operator offers the discounts on ticket which are valid for one month. Some other ferry service operators are Superfast Ferries and Stena Line ferry.

You should also be thinking of how will you ship your belongings. For more information and free estimates about the prices you can visit They also ship to other destinations.You can place your order for shipping, the dates will be scheduled accordingly.

If you are planning of moving to Scotland and want some information about island airports then you can logon to If what interests you is the transportation inside Scotland, then you can logon to If you would like to know more about the trade and economy of Scotland you can logon to

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