International Moving Tips

When you relocate to a foreign country, there always are a few crucial decisions that need to be made when it comes to going about the best way to do so.

Listed below are a few aspects that need to be kept in mind:

  1. The most important factor to ensure a smooth and successful international move is to select the right international movers for the task.
    1. Always go with brand image and long-standing players in the field.
    2. When searching for a mover, you should consider at least three companies so you can compare their prices and services.
    3. Approach the international mover well in advance.
    4. Be as familiar with your needs as possible since there are different international moving companies for different needs so you should.
    5. Remember to check the international movers’ documentation and licensing.
    6. Inquire about their insurance policy.
  2. Making the choice of what to ship and what to leave behind, is a lot easier if you have a good idea as to where you will be living. The decision of which items to ship is more difficult if you do not have a housing arrangement already made.
    1. Procure a floor plan, the approximate size of rooms etc. at your new personal space and then you will easily be able to decide which pieces of furniture will fit in well.
    2. Keep in mind that the furniture or other items that you ship must comfortably fit into the new home and also be worthwhile to ship.
    3. Accessibility is an important consideration is to be made – make sure that the delivery and movement of furniture in the house will not be difficult. For instance, if you have a large piano or a home theatre system and want to take it up a flight of stairs, you need to know beforehand whether the elevators, stairs or hallway dimensions will pose a problem.
  3. It is NOT recommended that you pack your own boxes.
    1. Considering the distance and the rough haul, you should ideally let the professionals handle the wrapping and packing of your belongings.
    2. Moving storage facilities are both affordable and convenient. If the international move is temporary, you can avail of the facility of storing a great deal of your belongings. Many storage companies even pick up and deliver your items.
    3. We recommend that you avoid holding the container for more than 5 days, as you would then need to pay additional charges to avail of the same.
    4. Opt for consolidated shipping in order to reduce costs.
    5. If you would like to avoid storage, take the time to check what appliances will work in your new home.
    6. You might want to consider selling or donating your current appliances since different countries operate on different plug types or voltage and most electrical appliances will require some sort of adapter or the other.
    7. This will save you of the hassle of having to deal with tricky adapters and also save money by not shipping the old appliances; instead buy new appliances with this money!
  4. Before you move, contact the embassy of your new country regarding advice on visas.
    1. The embassy may be able to put you in contact with other expatriate families who can provide you with valuable suggestions by sharing their experiences.
  5. The customs regulations should be given due consideration and cross-verification as they are subject to constant change.
    1. Procure updated information from the office of the Consulate or simply ask our representatives at Gateways international Moving for complete information regarding current rights and customs regulations.