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Residence Permits and Work Permits in Belgium

Anyone from outside Europe who is staying in Belgium for more than 3 months is required to have a resident permit.

EU Member citizens are granted a temporary residence permit for 3-5 months and can be renewed. EU Nationals must register with the Belgium Social Security system to work and stay long term.

Work permits in Belgium are required for a Residence Permit application. Work permits are acquired from the employer, who applies and obtains it from a regional government office before the employee enters Belgium. The employer mails the permit to the employee, who uses is to obtain a temporary residency visa from the Belgium Consular Office.

More information on residence permits for Belgium >


Customs Requirements for Belgium

Small amounts of tobacco and alcohol are allowed through customs when relocating to Belgium, and will not draw attention of customs agents. And although there is no limit to what can be brought from other EU countries, keeping your quantities small will limit hassles when entering the country. Get details and apply for a visa from the US to Belgium here >

If you are immigrating to Belgium with your pets, dogs and cats then you should have a certificate issued by a veterinarian certifying that your pets, dogs and cats has been vaccinated against rabies and are in good health. The certificate issued by a veterinarian should not less than 30 days or more than one year prior to entry. Consult the Belgium Consulate in your area before immigrating to Belgium from other countries.


About Belgium

Belgium is a multicultural and multilingual country in northwest Europe. The Kingdom of Belgium is surrounded by the Netherlands  to the north, Germany to the east, Luxembourg to the south east, and France to the south. It is a member of European Union and its capital is Brussels. The official currency of Belgium is the Euro.

The estimated population of Belgium is 10 million and is about 30,000 sq km (11,700 Sq. mi.). Dutch (northern), French (Southern) and German are the three main languages spoken here, and English is also generally spoken. So if you are moving to Belgium from USA or Canada you should be able to easily communicate.

Some of the main attractions in Belgium are the historical traditions and preservation of ancient buildings.

Map of Belgium

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If you are relocating to Belgium the most popular cities are the great art cities of Belgium like Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp and Bruges. The canals in Belgium cris-cross the flatland for a beautiful landscape. If you are moving to Belgium or just vacationing there, you can find the traces of Austrians, Dutch, Spanish, and French in their architecture and in the lifestyle of the people.

Before immigrating to Belgium, you can find more information at This site provides information about the country and its history, the transportation; airlines, shipping and more.

Belgian landscape Landscape typical of Belgian An ancient castle in Belgium

Brussels is a city of international importance as it is the centre of commerce and industries. Brussels is famous for its intellectual life in Belgium as the headquarters of NATO, multinational corporations, Commission of European Union are situated here. Brussels is the center of the network of railways, so the train service from Brussels is very frequent to nearly all the parts of the country. Brussels airport is well connected with the trains, so if you are moving to Brussels airport then the train is the best option.

In Belgium there are several universities like Catholic University of Leuvan (1425), Free University of Brussels (1834). Both these universities are divided into independent Flemish and French speaking universities. The University of Liege (1817) and the University of Mons (1965) teach students in French whereas the University of Ghent (1817) teaches students in Flemish. So if you are thinking of immigrating to Belgium for higher studies in French or Flemish language you can easily join these universities.


Shipping your household goods to Belgium can be done via the Schelde and Meuse estuaries. These come under the territory of the Netherlands. It can also be done on Antwerp port, as it is among the busiest port in the world. Belgium has developed a brilliant transportation infrastructure, which includes ports, canals, railways and highways, thus shipping to Belgium through these can easily to be done.

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