Moving from US to Belgium

Relocation to international locations has become an important part of the process of corporate growth and global expansion. However, relocating to a completely new atmosphere with people of different values might be very challenging. Much also is dependent on the country into which you are moving. A place like Belgium which has a lot to offer to individuals and families might make your relocation process a very interesting one. It may be a good decision to think of moving from US to Belgium in view of the economic and social progress that the country is making in the European Union. Globally acclaimed for its chocolates and waffles Belgium is regarded as the main gateway to Europe. The country is also known for some of the best lifestyles in the world. Being the main seat of the NATO and several other global corporations, the demand for superior quality goods and services is extremely high in Belgium.

Moving from us to Belgium can be made easier and less trouble-free by taking help from one of the various relocation agencies that operate in this part of the world. These relocation firms are well equipped and experienced to make your moving from US to Belgium a flawless experience.

Prior to moving from US to Belgium it is mandatory to procure the right type of visa in order to obtain the permission of legal entry into the country. The visa may be issued only on fulfillment of certain conditions. If you want to move to Belgium permanently it is important to go through a formal procedure that would legally permit you to live and work in Belgium. Wherever you are moving from remember that there are certain general conditions to be met prior to moving to Belgium. They are possession of a valid passport, no criminal records, possession health insurance and sustainable financial support. Generally if you are moving from US to Belgium there are two types of visa that you can apply for: the short stay visa and the resident visa. The short stay visa is issued for a period of 90 days (for which US citizens do not need a visa). IF you want to move into Belgium on a permanent basis you have to apply for the resident visa. Your relocation agent will be able to guide you on the basic documents that need to be provided for applying for a resident visa (like proof of employment or self-employment, genuine health insurance, proof of admission to a recognized University (if moving for further studies)etc).

You can bring pets while moving from US to Belgium only if they are not meant for trade or sale. Your dog or cat would need an EU Pet passport with all the relevant details about the pet. Passport will be issued only to pets that have been microchipped and have been administered with the rabies vaccine.

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