How to Pack

It is recommended that you leave the packing of fragile items in the able hands of the international movers showcased at Gateways Moving – being professionals, they will have it done for you excellently and in no time at all! Each of them has specially trained professionals who posses the expert ‘know-how’ of how to pack all your breakable household items, valuable antiques, glass etc. so as to ensure that they suffer absolutely no damage. The FREE estimates that the top international movers featured on Gateways Moving provide are inclusive of all packing materials such as boxes, bubble wrap, crates, and so on.

In case you prefer to do the packing yourself, for cost saving or else simply for convenience, listed below are a few helpful tips to help you with the process:

  • Avoid packing over the edge of the container.
  • Fold your clothing, linen, draperies and towels neatly and pack them into clean cartons or stack them in dresser drawers.
  • Items like silverware, glassware, china and other valuable breakable items should be individually wrapped in thick paper.
  • Plates and dishes must be packed vertically with paper in between them.
  • The smaller plates, cups and saucers towards the top of the box or container and the larger and heavier dishes should be placed at the bottom.
  • We suggest you put 3 inch thick paper at the bottom and 2 inch thick paper in between each layer.
  • While packing pots, pans and other kitchen utensils, try to fit one item into another as far as possible, so as to save space.
  • Roll and wrap rugs and carpets in plastic before packing.
  • Always wrap mirrors, paintings and marble artifacts before packing them.
  • While packing lamps, wrap and pack the bulbs and shades separately in clean boxes; preferably, wrap the lampshades in tissue and place them in large cartons.
  • Do not ship any inflammable items under any circumstance.
  • Remember to drain all fuel off power tools.
  • The other tools can be packed into small cartons.
  • Any fragile parts of tools should be wrapped in paper and packed separately.