Shipping Consolidation vs. Private Container

The International Movers on Gateways Moving can arrange to pick up the goods from your residence provided you make an early appointment with us. We recommend that you send in the entire shipment to the warehouse operated by the chosen international moving company at least 2 weeks prior to the date of sailing.

Based on the degree of exclusivity that you desire while shipping your household goods and belongings to your new destination country, you have two main options; that of:

1. Shipping YOUR ‘OWN’ Container

In case you choose to ship your own container (the second option), you will need to rent a metal shipping container (a 20 feet or 40 feet container or more, depending on your requirement) from a steamship liner. The trained employees of the international mover of your choice on Gateways Moving will then fill up this container with your goods and load it on to the ship according to the booking number.

Understandably, since the container is being hired exclusively for you, the entire expenses towards the same will need to be borne by you irrespective of whether or not the space is utilized entirely.

2. Shipping by Consolidation

This is a great way to reduce moving costs considerably. By availing of ‘shipping consolidation’, your goods are considered along with other consignments that are also being shipped in the same sector. The best possible combinations to maximize space utilization are used and if necessary, other part consignments that can permit some of your goods also to move along are used. This in turn brings down the cost per cubic feet since the space is also being shared.

It is needless to say that the meticulous paperwork that is carried out ensures that every part of your consignment reaches your destination safe and sound.

We always work towards giving your shipment the best personal attention and adequate time necessary to pack it for export, after completing the documentation and making all essential arrangements for your international move.