Golden Rules

Moving to a new location has always been a source of botheration. Over the years, there have been a number of companies who have tried to provide efficient moving solutions to their customers. However, this mammoth task of uprooting oneself from the comforts of a home to an alien location is still feared by most of us. If this alien location is in another country, the whole process is even more cumbersome. Long distance moving, if not properly planned can lead to a disaster!

While shifting to another location, there are a few basic rules that must be followed. These golden rules lay the foundation for a successful moving experience.

Rule #1: Plan in Advance

This is critical for you to have a smooth moving experience. In fact, the rules to follow this are just an offshoot of this golden rule. You should plan every step and have a map in your head, with the path clearly specified. On the final day, all you have to do is join the dots!

Rule #2: Effective Communication

There is an ocean of possibilities when we speak of communication. However, it is convenient to list these into three broad categories:

  • Communication at home location- This involves contacting several people who are in any way, part of your daily life. You have to let people know that you will not be around from now onwards. Utilities such as water, phone, electric, gas etc will not be needed anymore and their respective providers should be informed. The same applies for service providers as well. All relatives and friends need to be informed of your new contact details.
  • Communication in transit – When in transit, make sure all everyone involved with the shifting process know what they need to do. If moving to a new country, make sure all your documents are in place. If you have hired a moving company, be in regular touch with them. Most good companies will update you on the status, if asked to do so.
  • Communication at destination location – Make sure you know the exact location of where you are heading to. Transportation charges are always on the higher side within cities and some carelessness in this department may lead to unnecessary expenditure.

Rule #3: The Personal Touch!

Well yes, you may hire a company to take care of all your moving needs. However, there is a lot of personal effort involved as well! For example, there is a lot of packing you have to do. Make sure you put all your valuables together and if possible, carry it yourself! Delicate items should be properly labeled, and the packers need to be informed of the contents of each box. Monitor the activities of the movers closely and ask for regular updates. You should be totally aware of the proceedings!

There are a lot of modifications you might want to make to these rules, but generally these encompass all that you should take care of. Following these rules faithfully will solve most problems that you may encounter in moving to a far off location.