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Relocating to Sweden

Once the the paperwork for moving to Sweden is completed, including original bills of lading, visas and other documentation, the next phase is the actual shipping of your valuable belonging. It can be cumbersome.

A few things you must consider when moving to Sweden.

Public holidays should be considered before choosing a date to conduct the transfer of goods, since a consignment arriving on a holiday will cause delays.

It is also good to choose a shipping date in the middle of the month, since beginnings and ends of months are usually busy with people and shipments moving back and forth.

It is also advisable to have a suitable place of residence before shipping, since it helps decide which things you would like to leave behind and what you would prefer to carry with you. Though it is best to entrust taking care of your precious household items, it also helps to personally be around while things are being packed.

Important documents pertaining to identity and financial matters are safest if carried with you, rather than sent as a shipment along with the goods.

Insurance coverage for the consignment based on its actual worth is absolutely essential, in anticipation of a mishap.

What To Bring

Before moving to Sweden, it is very important to know exactly what you may or may not bring. Customs officials look for proper documentation, including original bills of lading, valid passports, a packing list and duly filled Customs forms.

Varied duties apply to household electronic goods and vehicles that you may choose to take along. You can find more information in our international moving guide.

What NOT to Bring

The Swedish Customs Service is responsible for monitoring all Private and Commercial Goods which are brought in to and out of Sweden; which includes weapons, tobacco products, alcohol, plants, food stuffs, medicines, along with other commodities. Any weaponry must have legit firearms certificates issued by the relevant authorities, and the heavy duty on alcohol and tobacco is meant to control the excessive importation of these goods. Visitors are only allowed to carry these substances in very limited quantities to avoid misuse.

When bringing your pet to Sweden, there are certain conditions that need to be followed before it is granted entry into the country. Details relating to these quarantine procedures are listed at the rules and regulations of the Swedish Board of Agriculture.


While moving to Sweden, you may require a visa, very much like moving to any other country. This is a permit that is necessary for those wishing to enter Sweden on a temporary visit, for instance, as a tourist or a student, as part of business or for a conference, meeting relatives and friends, or simply while passing through the country in transit.

Work permits

Work permits in Sweden are different than Visas or Residence Permits.

Performing artists wishing to perform in Sweden require a work permit. Those accompanying the artist like technicians, managers, etc. also fall under this category and require a permit as well. They must supply a copy of the contract with the engagement organizer in Sweden. They also must be duly filled and signed by both parties. The permit granted is usually for the duration of the engagement or event. Very similar are the rules for Professional Athletes and Coaches.

Au Pair Employment documents, such as an employment offer from the host family require less than 25 hours per week of house hold work, study the Swedish language in the remaining time, accommodation and a monthly salary of at least 3,500 SEK.

The Swedish Migration Board normally grants permits to Visiting Researchers for one year at a time or else for the duration of the work in case it is for 12 months or less.

Residence Permits

A Swedish Residence Permit is based on family or personal connection to these individuals. The documents required are usually a letter explaining the reason behind relocating to Sweden, arrangements while on staying there, etc. For couples, a marriage certificate, copies of a shared lease, divorce decree, etc. are required. Applications of spouses, cohabitants and children of primary applicants must be submitted with the primary person’s application.

Work Permits

Those looking for employment in Sweden and are not citizens of member European Union or EU nations, require a Swedish work permit before they can search for employment. The documents usually required are a valid passport, proof of residence in country of origin, the duly filled application form and photographs apart from a form to be filled in by the employer. Along with the submission of the application form, the application fees as well as return postage fee are to be paid. It usually takes 2-3 months for the processing of the application to be completed. This is done at the Swedish Migration Board and the Consulate General possesses custody of all documentation until a decision is arrived at. There is a provision for dependents or family to accompany the applicant; a co-application must be submitted for this purpose.

Starting a Business in Sweden

For those aspiring to start a business, additional documents such as proof of possession of capital to start up the business, blue print of the detailed business plan as well as proof of ample bank balance to support yourself while at Sweden in case there is a delay in the business taking off.

Other details that may be demanded are a market forecast, a properly budgeted balance sheet, a profit and liquidity budget, customer and bank references, relevant experience in the field concerned, and any training or education you might have received that could be of help to this enterprise.

A few other formalities like a commercial evaluation of the business plans are also carried out to ensure that the goals are realistic and satisfactorily profitable.

Education Visas

Sweden welcomes students from across the world. Options are available to students at different levels, depending on undergraduate and graduate courses and master’s programs, as well as opportunities for researchers.

About Sweden

Sweden is a country with a varied legacy – ranging from a tumultuous and violent past to a peaceful stance during the World Wars followed by a phase of immense success thanks to their capitalistic system of society. This however gave rise to a rather dreaded state with high levels of unemployment and their economy going into the doldrums; they did outlive this temporary phase of depression by tackling it with strict fiscal discipline and have now come back to their glorious self. This makes it a worth the while option for those contemplating relocating to Sweden. This country is located in Northern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia, and is envied for its strategic location along Danish Straits linking Baltic and North Seas. It is flanked by the neighboring countries of Finland and Norway.

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