Moving from US to Sweden

This is a world of rapidly growing globalization. To keep in pace with the increasing speed of corporate race, people are relocating abroad. Global relocation has turned out to be the most important factor that has influenced the success of any business venture. Relocation is a complex process of shifting the human resources to another country with all the necessary amenities.

A country with a rich historic past, Sweden can very well figure in the list of your choices of relocation. After deciding on moving from US to Sweden, you may have to take a series of steps to ensure that the entire process of moving from US to Sweden is a smooth and successful one.

Relocation Services

The principal step in the process of moving from US to Sweden is choosing the appropriate relocation service. Various relocation companies are available in the market that function with amazing levels of proficiency and a wealth of experience that can make your relocation to Sweden simplified and successful. The most important challenge here is to select the right Relocation Company that is equipped with the knowledge and experience to make your relocation to Sweden a memorable and hassle-free experience. Ensure that the relocation service is an authorized moving company with valid shipping and maritime licenses.

Remember some fundamental rules that need to be followed before moving from US to Sweden.

Before moving from US into Sweden remember to have a thorough knowledge of the basic dos and don’ts of the process of relocating into Sweden.

  1. When moving from US into Sweden, your basic requirement is a Visa. This is mandatory if you are moving from US into Sweden even on a temporary basis as a student, a tourist, as a part of a business conference or even crossing the country in transit.
  2. All goods that you carry require genuine documentation when you are moving from US into Sweden. Make sure you possess the original lading bills, a valid passport, a packing list and a properly filled Customs Form. Any weapons in your possession must be accompanied by the Firearms Certificate and all other goods are under the strict vigilance of the Swedish Customs Service.
  3. Bringing your pets is allowed while moving from US into Sweden. However, you have to follow some important quarantine procedures laid down by the Swedish Board of Agriculture which have to be complied with while moving from US to Sweden.
  4. In case you fall under the category of citizens of non-EU countries looking for jobs in Sweden, you must procure a work permit before moving into Sweden.
  5. It is advisable not to carry large quantities of heavy alcohol or tobacco as there is heavy duty on these items to control their entry into the country.

Moving from US into Sweden for higher education can be a wise decision as the country is open to international students and offers an excellent atmosphere of accommodativeness and tolerance.

Sweden has slowly yet steadily grown into an open society. Moving from US to Sweden may be your first step towards a comfortable and satisfied living style. If you decide on moving from US to Sweden just fill on our online estimate form and we will get you quotes from the top moving companies for you to choose from. Get the best out of life and help us help you do it!