Moving to Austria

General Information

Austria is situated in central Europe. Austria is surrounded by Czech Republic (north), Hungary (east), Slovakia (north east), GermanyВ (west), Switzerland (south west), Liechtenstein (south), and Italy (south). The area of Austria is about 83,858 sq km (32,378 sq mi). The capital of Austria is Vienna. The two-third of the country is covered with Alps, therefore, it is mainly known as a mountainous country. The Brenner Pass and the Semmering Pass has broken the mountain barriers of Austria from many places by passes.

According to the 1991 census, the population of Austria was 7,795,786 and the estimated population in 2003 was 8,188,207. Austrians speaks German language, as it is their official language. В As the member of 12 EU states, the currency of Austria is euro.

The major city of Austria is Salzburg. This place attracts tourists for its beautiful setting and historical buildings. Salzburg is a place situated on the Salzach River. This is the birth place of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Another major city is Vienna. In the early 18th century, The Belvedere Place in Vienna was built by J. Lukas von Hildebrandt for Prince Eugene of Savoy. Other important cities include Graz, Linz, Innsbruck, etc.

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The climate in Austria varies with altitude. Here temperature remains moderate during summer, as summer is short. Winter lasts for about three months. Spring and fall are generally mild throughout the country. On an average the temperature in Austria range between 7В°C and 9В°C throughout the country.

Shipping to Austria

We believe that a good working knowledge of the various aspects of shipping to Austria is always an advantage – and this is exactly what we are can give you! Over the years we have built close business associations with most of the cargo liners operating on this route, which is another major advantage. Our expertise in the realm of shipping to Austria comes from the extensive services that we have been providing in this sector to several of our valuable patrons including Austrian nationals who are returning to their home country for a peaceful retirement and foreigners moving to Austria for better job prospects. Since our personnel are frequent visitors to the customs clearance offices at the various check points in Austria, we have succeeded in developing a very good professional rapport with key customs authorities; this relationship is based on mutual trust which in turn helps the clearance process get completed in a speedy and efficient manner.

The most comfortable and relaxed move

Every move of ours is directed to one end goal – making your relocation to Austria as comfortable and relaxed as possible. We ensure every single activity is perfectly done – starting from sending one of our personnel to your premises to ascertain the volume of goods to be shipped to Austria, to assisting with the proper packaging and finally unloading the goods and also unpacking them at the destination of your choice, just everything about your move to Austria is taken care of. In order to demonstrate that we mean what we say, we ensure that we keep ourselves reachable at all times so that you can check with any one of us as to the status of your consignment that is in the process of moving to Austria.

So as to further support our noble cause, we have also incorporated the immensely useful feature of obtaining a free estimate from us. By receiving an estimate of the tentative expenses that you might face when you move to Austria well in advance will help you plan out the other expenses such as flight tickets and accommodation once you have moved in there. All you need to do is fill out the short free estimate form and we will promptly send you a realistic and reasonable quote for the complete job of shipping to Austria with the best international movers. We would like to remind you that this is a no obligation form which means that there is no pressure on you to choose us. We however are confident that you will end up choosing us for sure, since we give you absolute value for money!


immigrating to Austria for education is quite beneficial as it has12 universities. Some of the major universities are Vienna University (1365), Graz University (1586), Innsbruck University (1669), Salzburg University (1622) etc. Austria also has technical colleges of agriculture, commerce, mining and veterinary medicine which are situated in Vienna and Graz. The art students can also move to Austria for higher education as it has five to six academies of fine arts and music. For students immigrating to Austria these academies offer special summer programs. Its high quality medical training got international recognition during the 20th century. So immigrating to Austria and relocating to Austria is very beneficial to the medical students.


As an important connection between northern, western and central and Eastern Europe, Italy and Balkans, Austria’s transportation is highly developed infrastructure of waterways, highways, air services, and passenger and freight trains. The largest shipping company in Austria is Danube Steamship Co. shipping to Austria can be done with this shipping company. This company provides services for passenger and freight along the Waterway of Danube River. For the foreign trade Austria is mainly depend on rail passage. Many European and domestic routes are served by Austrian Airlines. It is a national carrier. Austria’s chief airport is at Schwechat, near Vienna. Highways play an important role in Austria. Emigration to Austria through for job through highway is also possible. moving to Austria through Germany or Switzerland is quite easy, as these highways connects Swiss and German border through the Vorarlber and Tirol. Innsbruck is connected with Italy. Salzburg and Vienna is also connected to Italy and the Balkans.

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