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Czech Republic Map

The Czech republic is located in central Europe, bordering Germany to the West, Poland to the North, Slovakia to the East and Austria to the South. The climate is moderate with hot summers and cold winters.

Infrastructure / Job Prospects

Czech Republic has a developed economy, with a GDP of around $170 billion, and growing at a faster rate than the EU average. In fact the country is currently home to the fastest growing economy in Europe.

The country has benefited since joining the EU from foreign investment, and this is set to continue with the local banking and telecommunications industries being privatised by the government. The country has also increased its exports by over 10% per year

The Czech Industrial sector is well known for its armaments, rubber, plastics and chemicals.

Metallurgy and Mechnical Engineering are also significant factors in Czech Industrial production.

The country is also well known for its cars, producing the Skoda, and recently attracting several Asian companies including Hyundai and Toshiba who are moving to Czech Republic to build factories for automobile production and LCD Displays respectively. Toshiba’s investment alone is valued at over $140 million.

The economy is reliant on tourism for around of 5% GDP and over 1% of the population are employed in the tourist industry. The Czech Republic was visited by nearly 6.5 million tourists in 2006.

The attractions in the country are wide ranging, from the theatres, museums and galleries of Prague, the main port of entry for international tourism, to the Chateaux and Castles of Bohemia the tourist sites and towns around the country, of which Karlovy Vary and Karlstejn are two well-known destinations.

The Plzensko region is known as the Pilsner region, having been the inventor of the Pilsner style of beer. Beer is also one of the countries growing exports, with the country having a long tradition of brewing, and being home to the original Budweiser, Budvar brewery.

Czech cinema and animation are also world renown and these industries have benefited greatly from the influx of foreign investment. The Barrandov Studios near Prague are known as the Hollywood of the East, having attracted a large number of western film productions due to their relatively low cost and flexible working environment They are now believed to offer the largest production facility in Europe.

The government is currently trying to attract foreign investment through several incentive schemes, and is hoping to introduce the Euro in order to facilitate moving to Czech Republic for both business and personal investment.

Living cost and Taxes

Income tax is charged at between 15% and 32%

Value-added Tax is 19% for most goods, with reduced rates of 15% and 5% for some goods, including food and medical prescriptions for instance.


As a land-locked country the main ports in the Czech Republic are river ports. One of the largest of these is Melnik, around 30km from Prague.

Major airports

The main airport of the Czech Republic, Ruzyne International Airport (PRG), is located close to the center of the capital, Prague, and has a passenger volume of over 12 million passengers per year. The airport provides regular routes to all European countries, and several airports in most European countries, together with long distance routes to the Middle East, Russia, Asia and the US.

The airport is also a cargo hub served by several large couriers including FedEx and TNT.

Another major airport in the country is Brno-Turany Airport, which provides flights to London, Moscow and Prague. The airport is also expanding its cargo facilities.

Important Cities and Population Density

The country is home to over 10 million people and the GDP is growing at a rate of nearly 6% per year.

Prague: Czech Republic

Prague, the capital city, is a hugely important tourist destination, and home to over 1 million people. As well as being the hub of Tourism the city is is the country’s transport hub, providing Air, Road and Rail links to the rest of the country and internationally

Czech Republic Facts

The Czech Republic was once part of the Austro-Hungarian empire, and the Soviet Bloc. MoreВ recently it was part of Czechoslovakia, until it split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It is now part of the EU, having joined with Slovakia in 2004. All of these changes can be explained by its geographic position in the center of Europe, making it a country of historical significance as well as modern day interest.

The Czech Republic also has an unusual claim to fame, being home to the worlds first radioactive spa, which opened in Jachymov in 1906!

Modern beer was invented in the Czech republic, and the history has not been lost over time, the country’s residents drink more beer per person than any other country in Europe!

Around 95% of the country’s population is Czech, with the next largest ethnic group of the population being Slovak. More immigrants are moving to Czech Republic from the other EU countries, and from outside the EU however, and this will increase the diversity of the population in the future.

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