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Gateways International Moving offers specialized relocation services that make relocating to Ireland a smooth and enjoyable experience. Whether you need help on international shipping, international moving, personal moves, corporate relocations and international removals, Gateways can help.

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Gateways is the first choice for moving overseas to Ireland.  We are committed to providing efficient, cost-effective service. Our expertise on international customs, the legal proceedings of transferring of goods ensures that all your belongings will be shipped correctly in the right destination without problems.

Ireland Customs Information


  • Irish Customs form 1074
  • Original ocean bill of lading / air waybill / Container Manifest
  • Copy of passport
  • Inventory in English. Same signature as person signing form 1074. It should describe accurately and in detail the contents of each carton.
  • CRelocation evidence. (evidence of transfer of normal residence to Ireland)

Restricted Items:

  • Narcotics / drugs
  • Explosives & firearms
  • Meat product
  • Live plants
  • Pornography

Alcoholic Beverages / Tobacco

It is strongly recommended you not include these items in HHG/PE import to Ireland


Duty free entry for used HHG/PE if goods have been and possessed by the shipper for at least six months, and are for owner’s possenstion use and not for resale.


Documents required: Irish form 1074 – must be available prior to the arrival of the vehicle; purchase invoices; registration/Title (owners name, engine and chassis number). Shipper must have owned vehicle for at least 6 months prior to change of residence.

Why Live in Ireland?

Moving to Ireland is a good choice in many aspects. Living in Ireland helps ensure a good lifestyle, good jobs and good housing. If you are making an international move, rely on Gateways Moving for up to 5 free quotes using the form at the top of this page!

There are several benefits of moving to Ireland, especially if you want to live amid a beautiful destination that is opportunistic, convenient and economical.

It is more valuable to those who are moving to Ireland from UK. The distance is short and one can easily enter the nation by boat or by plane, without spending much. If you have decided to transfer your base from UK and move to Ireland, Gateways can help with minimum shipping charges. Since, the distance is short, the cost of shipping is less. Entering the nation is easy for the EU citizens, especially the Brits, as Ireland and UK are the members of Common Travel Area. Besides that, the cultural similarities of Ireland and UK are similar therefore, UK people feel at home even after relocation. Moreover, there is no need to learn any new language to live in Ireland. This is a big advantage for those who are moving with children and avail direct admission to school. It is also helpful for the employment purposes.

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Jobs in Ireland

If you want to get direct job access in Ireland, you must be a member of the European Economic Area or EEA. If you are not, you need to have a work permit. We can help you to understand the norms of getting a work permit in Ireland. There is a wide range of job opportunities available in the nation. Simply email us. Get the work permit and then search for a suitable job after moving to Ireland.

Studying in Ireland

Many people move to Ireland to pursue higher studies. If you are also moving to Ireland for higher education, then you have to arrange for the relevant documents that prove your previous education details. You must also show you visa application with the needed documents to the authorities. If you want more detailed description about the educational aspects and facts about studying in Ireland, Gateways can help, simply email us.

Ireland Real Estate

Finding accommodation is the most important thing when you are moving to Ireland. There are wide ranges of housing. As your moving guide, Gateways can help you to search the right accommodation or real estate in Ireland. We have contacts with many big real estate firms in the Ireland area and therefore, we can assist you to locate the best real estate or accommodation according to your requirements.

Gateways is determined to provide you with the best of information and resources regarding your relocation in Ireland. We understand that relocation is one of the most important decisions in your life. The moving process can be difficult if there is no enough planning beforehand. Similarly, working with an inefficient international moving company can also prove costly, as you will not get satisfactory service. At, Gateways we provide you with the correct information about moving to Ireland and connect you with the best of overseas movers.

We provide free international moving quotes so that you can easily budget moving expenses.


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