Moving from US to Ireland

Moving from US to Ireland can be hassle free if you have the necessary resources. Many people move to Ireland for work and some people wish to enjoy the beautiful scenery and landscape by living in Ireland. The bigger decision of relocation should be taken only after considering all the possibilities. Relocating completely from one country to another is expensive and time consuming. You need to make it absolutely sure that you can put up with the moving stress to lead a happy life in Ireland.

Citizens of US don’t require Ireland visa if their stay is for less than three months. Registration with the authorities must be made if you plan to stay for a longer duration. If you are not relocating to Ireland based on a job offer, you need to show proof of bank account statements that you will be able to support yourself in Ireland. If you have Irish ancestors, you can easily get Irish citizenship and paperwork will be a lot easier.

When you are moving from US to Ireland, there are a lot of steps that you need to do. First, you need to inform postal department, insurance, banks and others about your change of address. You have to find a way to redirect your mails to your new Irish address. You need to setup bank accounts in Ireland to ensure that transactions can be carried out. It is always better to have a bank account in your home country so that organizing bills is easier.

While moving from US to Ireland, less is always more. You should try to take minimal amount of goods with you. There is no need to move furniture and electronic goods as they can be purchased in Ireland anyway. If you have goods of sentimental value, you need to ship them. Irish homes are smaller than American homes and hence, you should reconsider the goods you wish to move. Start to sort out goods to be moved as early as possible to make sure that you don’t end up with a long list. Arrange for garage sales and give away goods that you don’t want to move.

You need to choose international moving companies with utmost care because any problem in the transit will only lead to major loss. It is always wise to hire packing services from international movers if you wish to move goods with them. Some people tend to reduce moving cost by Fed Ex ing their clothes to Ireland. Cars can be shipped to Ireland by moving companies, but you are responsible for making changes so that your car complies with Irish regulations. If you are moving pets, you need to put them up for quarantine in Ireland and you can get them back only if they meet the requirements.

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