Privacy policy

About Privacy policy

The privacy policy of Gateways has been created to help create awareness in you as to how the company collects and makes use of details given to us by you and also to help you in knowing fully about the services and products of our company and to make decisions.

At the time of visiting our website, you will be directed to provide your personal information which you don’t have any objection to in parting with. These details are taken on the basis of individuals and the details of the usage of the website collected in total based on everybody’s usage of the website.

Personal information that you provide

Here you will need to provide information about the firm where you work, yourself, and your requirements at the time of registering for a free quote. You should register yourself for specific services of the company and/or register for services such as email alerts and newsletters. You can also give your views about the services provided by Gateways according to your requirements. You can also specify if you want to communicate with us via the email and we will make use of your email addresses for sending our responses to your queries.

The second means of information is the website usage information by which our website collects the data on the mode of usage of the website. These details will provide to us an insight into the date, time of visiting, time spent, and the number of pages seen by the visitor. We will also be able gather information on the websites that you visited before accessing our website. We may also use software to find out which advertisements and other promotional offers attracted the visitors and the kind of response from the viewers.

Usage of information

We make use of the personal information provided by you for increasing the business activities and to improve the customer services, apart from offering more products and services to our clients. We will be notifying you about the changes to the website also by using your personal information. You will get to know the new offers and services that we come up with. You can also let us know if you do not want to get these notifications. We may also make use of cookies to segregate you from the other users. We will not store any of the personal information in our cookies.

Sharing details with some third parties

Alliances or partnerships with some third parties can also be entered into and they may get access to the information, such as name and contact details for conveying information on the latest products and other services that might interest you. These third parties may get the details if we are convinced that the information will be made use of in the appropriate and responsible manner by them. We may make use of these third parties to expand our business operations by sending mails apart from the processing of payments via credit cards. In these aspects, the third parties may get access to your personal information. In case of selling business activities, the details of the customers and visitors are also likely to be transferred and this is more so in case of dissolution, mergers or acquiring by corporate companies.

We will be making use of the personal information provided by you for notifying you about any changes that are brought about to the website, or any new services that we intend to provide and the offers that may impress you. If you do not wish to receive the information, you can also notify us by sending mail.

Securing personal information

Since email is not considered as a safe mode of communication, you should not send any private details by email. We, however, make all efforts to transmit your personal information to the proper servers. You can get the details of how the personal information is stored and maintained in our database.
Please note that we may have to disclose your personal information if required by law or in order to confirm to the proceedings of law, or at times when we have to protect our rights, the website, and the users, or in case we need to ensure the safety of the website users or the third parties.

Other websites linked

It is to be noted that we will not be held responsible for any of the activities of the websites that are linked in or to our websites and the information given in such websites. At the time of you using the link to other websites through our website, the privacy policy of our website will not hold good. The other website’s policies and rules will be upheld when you browse those websites. You need to be aware of the rules and regulations of those websites before you start making use of them.


When you use this website, you agree to get the personal information from you and make use of it as per the specifications of this policy. We will keep you updated on any changes in our policies and how we will make use of it and the circumstances under which we will be sharing them with others.