Car shipping

In case you are in a service or profession that requires transfers across international boundaries, it is only natural that you will need to rely on a good international mover to ship your personal belongings across to your new destination. This is also the case when car shipping is the case Your personal vehicle is usually part of this list of belongings; most of us tend to attach a sentimental value to our car and entrusting this with an international car mover of repute is always of prime importance.

The international car shipping industry has come to be a highly competitive and private one. There has been a sudden spike in the number of takers for international car moving owing to the increased ease with which the exercise can now be carried out, as compared to earlier times. Today, international car moving services are operated on well-known and established routes, minimizing damages or delays owing to any reason. As with the international mover that you will choose to move your household goods and personal belongings, the international car mover that you choose must also be one of excellent repute, one that strictly follow the government rules and regulations.

Usually, international car moving procedures are completed within 2 weeks; it is therefore necessary to allow for such a time frame in transit while shipping your car to your new destination country. Based on the schedule, the notice of shipment dates are intimated to you accordingly.

International car shipping and auto transport:

Gateways International movers specialize in shipping of cars, motorcycles and automobiles such as boats, trucks, buses and recreational vehicles with all due care.

Gateways International offers the best mode of shipment depending on your vehicle. The automobile is shipped in 3 ways:

  • RO/RO
    This is a personal “roll on, roll off” service available at selected ports for all your new automobiles. Your car is driven into modern ocean shipping Ro/Ro vessels and shipped to the destination port where it is unloaded carefully.
  • 40’ High Cube Container
    This is the most common used mode for shipping light, voluminous and over height automobiles overseas. Your car’s size is assessed carefully and consolidated into the 40’ container designed to carry 3-4 cars based on their size. Motorcycles can also be shipped in these containers. The shipping costs vary on the size of your car and the space taken by the car in the container.
  • Exclusive Container
    Customers having expensive cars and keen not to let anybody else access their automobiles can opt to get their vehicles shipped in an exclusive container. Gateways International provides the container at the loading point, where a professional car driver drives your car into the container, securing it safely for the transportation. The customer is provided with keys both to the container and their car, giving him the sole access to open the container at the destination. This method of car shipping is more expensive than the above methods