International Car Moving FAQ

Q. What options do I have while shipping my car internationally?

A. While engaging in international car moving, you can choose the right option for you depending on your budget; these are roll on / roll off, container-shipping and exclusive container shipping.

Q. How much gas should I leave in my car when shipping it overseas?

A. While shipping a car overseas the tank must be filled up to no more than 1/4 of its capacity. This is to enable basic movements while loading and unloading; excess fuel can be hazardous to the entire consignment since spills can lead to stray fires and damages thereof.

Q. While moving my car internationally do I need to deal with the customs authorities?

A. You surely will have assistance with this since the international car moving companies on Gateways Moving work in conjunction with partner companies who have agents who take care of the customs documentation formalities. At the destination port they will take over ensuring minimum discomfort for you.

Q. Can an inoperable car be shipped internationally?

A. An inoperable car can surely be shipped internationally; however an extra cost will be levied on it for the extra labor and equipment necessary to load and offload it.

Q. During international car moving, can personal items be stored in my car?

A. Yes, often the international car moving companies allow you to store your personal belongings in your car. This however depends on the method of shipping a car overseas, since your personal belongings may not be insured.

If you are shipping a car internationally in an exclusive container your items can be insured and hence, can be sent along with the car. In other cases it is best not to send your personal belongings in a car which is used for shipping a car overseas.

For advice on this, do feel free to contact your international car moving company.

Q. Will I need to have my car delivered to a terminal?

A. It is not necessary to deliver the car to a terminal for international shipping.

Usually, the car will be taken on a truck from your home or office and you are only required to deliver the vehicle to the terminal if there is no sufficient approach road that can be used to come to your home or office in order to collect your car.

Q. Is my car insured?

A. As per the Maritime Law, international car moving companies are liable for only of a maximum of $500 per car being shipped overseas; so it is recommended that you purchase an additional insurance policy while shipping your car overseas; this would offer full insurance coverage for your car, which means that all the damages and shipping expenses incurred while shipping a car overseas is taken care of.

There is another type of policy that is available, which offers the value of the vehicle in case of any damage to cars being shipped internationally.

Q. What forms of payment are accepted by international car moving companies?

A. International car moving companies accept cashier and certified checks as well as cash or even credit cards for payments.

You also have an option of not paying the full value; a token advance payment followed by the balance upon delivery is accepted usually only by cash or certified checks though.

Q. Does the international car moving process call for international port and clearance charges?

A. Yes, there are different charges and regulations followed by different countries for international car moving. There may be additional charges like offloading fees and document fees in the destination country, for instance and in some cases you may also be liable for taxes and import duties when you ship a car overseas. The international car moving company will keep you informed about these, however.