The BBB Guarantee from Gateways Moving

This BBB guarantee means that while carrying out international car moving tasks, the international movers listed on Gateways Moving will ensure that you as our customers receive the best price, the best quality and the best services.

Owing to the fact that import restrictions vary greatly from country to country, you should always amply research the allowances of your new destination country, before hiring the international car mover of your choice.

Here are some things to keep in mind regarding shipping your car internationally:

  • Are you licensed to drive in your new destination country?
    Procure an international driving license from your current licensing authorities if possible.
  • Is the cost of shipping your car within your budget?
    If not, contemplate selling the current one off and buying a new car at your new destination.
  • Does your vehicle meet the environmental standards required?
    Ensure this is in compliance with the norms that are acceptable at your destination country.
  • Is the cost of insurance prohibitive?
    Consider the various options available before zeroing in on the right insurance provider for you.