Going About International Car Moving

While carrying out international car moving it is important that you hand over the certificate of title to the mover of your choice so that while clearing your vehicle through the customs departments this certificate of title can be produced before the authorities as and when demanded by them.

There usually are 3 different ways to go about international car moving; these are using:

Exclusive containers

As the name suggests, containers are used exclusively to carry your automobile in order to ensure your total peace of mind and satisfaction therein; access to your automobile and container is under your sole control during the international car moving process.

Here is a gist of the procedure:

The international car moving company of your choice from Gateways Moving will position your exclusive car container at the loading point following which a professional car loader will drive your car into the container. It is then secured for safe shipping.

As soon as the container reaches the destination you will be intimated and only you will be able to open the container because you will be the only one with the keys to open the exclusive container. Since no other cargo is loaded in this container, it is usually more expensive because you will end up paying for the full container in spite of not using the full capacity, which is the case most of the time.

Consolidation in 40′ container high cubes

Consolidation shipping is a comparatively less costly affair since these high cube containers are usually shared by more than your automobile. Safety and high tensile strength securing practices are not compromised on though.

Earlier on, loading and unloading ships during international car moving took a long time as single cars needed to be offloaded individually. Owing to this the international car shipping companies had to pay the dock authorities additional sums of money for the harboring. But now with the onset of the concept of containers, liners can be loaded or offloaded by mechanical cranes in less than a day. This translates into direct savings for the customers, being passed on by the international car moving companies.

In this process as many as three or four cars (depending upon the size of the car) are loaded in a high cube 40 inch container. In the remaining portion of the container motorcycles and other two-wheelers that are also moving in the same sector are loaded. The price of shipping a car depends on the size of the car; that is, the more number of vehicles are loaded in a container, the lesser will be the price of international car moving.

Roll on and Roll off or ‘RORO’

In this type of loading which is called roll on and roll off loading, dock workers drive wheeled containers, truck, house trailers automobiles for international automobile moving. Especially when the cargo has wheels it is easier to load and unload them by driving them on their own wheels. Your car is simply driven into a specially designated place on the vessel while it makes its international journey!

‘RORO’ is available only on huge, open hulled vessels on the decks of which it is possible to load trailers detached from tractors. Ships having ‘RORO’ traffic have doors in the hull which opens up to form ramps aligning them with the docks thereby allowing trailers or automobiles to be driven on.

Upon arrival at the destination port, cars are offloaded from the vessel by driving it out on ramps aligned with the cargo dock. Understandably, operating this type of a ship calls for special docks, which makes this facility available only in a few specialized ports across the globe.