Moving from US to Italy

Moving from US to Italy is liked by many Americans because of the life and food offered by Italy. The great Italian country is famous for art works and magnificent past. Everywhere in Italy, you will always find a piece of art that depicts Italian culture and reminds you of the glorious past. Weather in Italy is varied and different places have different climatic conditions. Americans who travel to Italy for vacation fall in love with the country all the time and it can be a heaven when you live in Italy.

Italian visa is required if you are staying in Italy for more than 90 days. Citizens of US and Canada don’t need visa if the stay is for less than three months as long as the purpose is tourism or business. Different types of visas are available for students, families, workers and business men. With a job offer, it is easy to get a visa to stay in Italy for as long as you want. Many retirees who can afford to live in Italy without working apply for resident visa and they earn their living with their pension. Italian immigration requirements can be confusing and hence, you need to take things slowly.

You should start your shopping for international movers as soon as you make your decision about moving from US to Italy. It is certainly a long journey and only professional international moving companies that handle international moves must be chosen. You should always do a background research on the company before you hire.

Comparison shopping is the only way to find affordable moving companies that can ship goods from US to Italy for a price that you can pay. You need to get as many quotes as possible from international movers. You can then compare different quotes based on services provided and cost charged. Now, it is possible to get quotes for free from international movers and you should take advantage of the situation.

You should make yourself available at Italy before your goods reach Italy. Moving from US to Italy will take time and you should be prepared to lead your life in Italy without your goods at least for a couple of weeks. Once goods reach Italian port, you will be needed to sign customs documents. When you are moving your car, you have to make sure that it complies with Italian requirements. It is better to deal with a single moving company and hence, choose a company that can handle everything. You don’t have to part with your pets just because you are moving because Italy allows you to bring pets. However, your moving company should be capable of shipping your pets safely.

To enable comparison shopping, we provide multiple quotes from leading international movers that can take over the burden of moving your goods when you are moving from US to Italy. Just fill the online estimate form at our website to receive free quotes from well known international moving companies.