Door to Door Shipping Guide

Our moving services, door to door shipping, include clear planning for every aspect of the relocation process. Together with our international relocation experience, dedication and commitment we manage your entire moving, while guaranteeing you peace of mind.

Our door to door shipping services include:

  • Surveying and assessing your moving requirements
  • Preliminary expert packing of your belongings
  • Removal of goods to the Gateways loading facility for export packing. We are also equipped to receive your goods delivered from different suppliers at our loading facility.
  • Consolidation and container loading of your goods into a 20’ or 40’ containers for shipping
  • Documents preparation, including detailed inventory, customs requirements, insurance requirements and other required documents for international moving.
  • Overseas shipping of your goods to anywhere in the world through airfreight or sea freight. We usually use sea freight shipping 90% of the time.
  • Monitor and track progress of your shipment
  • Customs clearance and release of goods
  • Unloading, delivery and unpacking at your new destination
  • Door to door shipping is from origin to destination – including all ground services.