Packing Tips

An insurance cover is an absolute necessity for anybody planning for an international relocation. Marine insurance is a must for every person especially moving overseas.

An insurance cover should be chosen keeping in mind the following factors:

  • The insurance policy should be reliable and strong to protect you and your belongings from the point of loading to the destination delivery point.
  • The insurance policy should cover for all damages, missing items or any natural or man-made catastrophe that could arise.
  • The policy should be an “all risk” policy and should insure your shipment for its full replacement value.

At Gateways International Moving, our relocation experts will update you on the items deductibles in the case of a claim, as there are special deductibles for items such as a piano or computer.

We also take care of all the necessary and important documentation required for the insurance claim. The most important being the “detailed inventory” containing the dollar value estimate of every item being shipped. The lack of such an inventory document or any discrepancies or inaccuracies in the data may complicate or delay settlement of any claims. This is avoidable when documentation is precise.

In the event of claiming insurance damages, the claim procedures requires that you notify the nearest office as indicated in your insurance policy for survey of damages, immediately after taking delivery of your shipment. The notifications can be done by phone or in person, but we suggest you to submit a written report and keep a copy with you as well. The surveyors report, original insurance certificate, packing slip, bills and other documents, as required, will be submitted to the underwriters for approval of the claim. A well documented claim will always help expedite settlement