Pre-move Checklist

Prepare and plan your international move better using our pre-move checklist

8 weeks prior to relocation
If you are moving at your employer’s request, verify the cost and responsibilities borne by them and you þ
Contact your tax department or accountant to find out which moving expenses may be tax deductible. þ
Inventory and evaluate all your possessions. Categorize items that could be sold or donated to charity. Find items that you haven’t used within the last year. þ
Contact Gateways International Movers to discuss your moving arrangements þ
Clear your attic, basement, garage and storage shed of items which you wouldn’t be shipping. Contact Gateways International if you would like to store some of your goods. þ
Familiarize yourself with your new location, collect information from the Chamber of Commerce, tourism bureaus or check online þ
6 weeks prior to relocation
Check for your passport validity and ensure that you have at least 12 months remaining before it expires. þ
Check and apply for permits at the new location – for work, residency, vehicles, etc. þ
Check for any vaccinations required in the new country. þ
Keep all important documents in reach – birth and marriage certificates, medical and school records. Obtain referrals where possible, and keep photocopies of all documents somewhere safe. Obtain copies of your pet’s veterinary records. þ
Notify relevant people of your move – lawyer, bank, doctor, dentist, insurance company, building society, Department of Social Security and your kid’s school. þ
Cancel subscriptions to clubs, magazines and journals þ
Get information on customs import formalities. Gateways experts will advise you on all custom clearance formalities. Make sure to obtain invoices for all your new purchases. þ
4 weeks prior to relocation
Plan all your insurance needs, Gateways relocation experts will assess and complete your insurance valuation form for the moving þ
Confirm your travel tickets and documents þ
Schedule final account readings for essential services – including gas, water, telephone and Cable TV, but remember to retain the phone and utilities connection till the moving day þ
Close your local bank accounts, and notify the post office of your change of address þ
Cancel all rental and leasing agreements þ
Arrange for special transportation for your pets and plants þ
Arrange insurance cover for your new home – including auto, homeowner’s or renter’s, medical, and life insurance coverages þ
2 weeks prior to relocation
Contact your building management for scheduling usage of lifts if you are moving out or into a building with lifts. þ
Contact Gateways relocation experts to review and confirm all arrangements for your move. þ
Clean all equipments – garden tools, bicycles and drain all fuel from power equipments. Check your automobile and service it for the trip. þ
Empty your safety deposit lockers, remind your children to clear their lockers at the school þ
A week prior to relocation
Identify items for shipping, disassemble all furniture, electrical appliances and lights for shipment þ
Organize and set aside all personal items that you would like to take with you such as keys, passports, visas, tickets, currency and driving license etc., and pack a box of essentials that will be needed immediately at your new home. þ
Check and arrange parking space for the removal vehicle in your neighborhood þ
On the day of moving
Sign all documentation required for the moving. þ
Advise Gateways International packing crew to pack your belongings as per the floor plan of the new home. þ
Check the house thoroughly that all items earmarked for moving are packed þ
Review, sign and retain a copy of the packing inventory. þ

Now relax! Let Gateways International do the work of moving your possessions smoothly.