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The town of Bedford is located in the East of England to the North of London, and is well linked by road and rail to the North and London. The climate is temperate with mild winters and mild summers.

Infrastructure / Job Prospects

If you are thinking of moving to Bedford for work then you you will be interested in the city’s economy and job prospects.

The Bedford region has a workforce of around 75,000 people and the workforce is made up of more than average percentages of Professional and skilled workers, forming over 80% of the workforce and the regions workers get paid slightly more per year than the British average.

Around 27% of the region’s workforce is employed in the transport industry. The county of Bedfordshire is home to Moto Hospitality, based in Toddington.

The next largest industry is finance, with around 16.5% of the workforce employed in the finance industry. One of the largest companies in the sector is Accenture which has based its accounting department in the county, employing 150 people.

Other service sector businesses include consultancy businesses like Mouchel and Babtie which provide mechanical, electrical and engineering consultancy services.

One of the largest employers is Unilever, who has an important food research facility based in the town, employing 1000 people.

The county is home to or within 30 miles of a large number of universities. DeMontfort University, with around 24,000 students has a base in the town, Cranfield Univeristy, less than 10 miles from Bedford has around 5000 students and the University of Luton and University of Cambridge, both within 30 miles of Bedford add another 37,500 students.

The county also attracts visitors, and the town of Bedford is home to a number of independent shops and boutiques. The town is well served by Art Galleries, Museums and other cultural institutions, including the Cecil Higgins art gallery, featuring an internationally renowned collection, several theatres, including the Bowen West Theatre and the Civic Theatre. The Bedford Corn Exchange has regular events including concerts, musical performances, comedy and local events. It is also one of the homes of the Philharmonia Orchestra, one of the most recorded orchestras in the world.

The port has left another legacy for the city, that of the tobacco industry, whose product was imported through the city and was one its greatest economic contributors. Today it is still home to the headquarters of Imperial Tobacco, and some of its production.

The port has left another legacy for the city, that of the tobacco industry, whose product was imported through the city and was one its greatest economic contributors. Today it is still home to the headquarters of Imperial Tobacco, and some of its production.

Living cost and Taxes

The main local tax, in common with all UK cities, is council tax. It is paid if you own or rent a property (this can also be the case when the property is vacant) and varies depending on the value of your property. The tax is used to pay for local council services and emergency services for the area.

Additionally, if you are UK resident for tax purposes you will be subject to UK income tax and various other taxes. UK income tax varies depending on income and ranges from 10% to 40%.

Sales tax, or value added tax is charged on most goods and services at the rate of 17.5%


The town is well linked by both road and rail. It is home to two railway stations, with the mainline station providing service to London St. Pancras, and Brighton to the South and Leicester, Nottingham, Sheffield and Leeds to the North. The town’s second station provides another line which runs to Bletchley.

By road the town is linked by the A6, the A1 and the M1 providing North to South road transport from the town. The town also has a number of bus routes to other towns including Milton Keynes, Cambridge and Oxford.

Major airports

The nearest airport to the town is Luton Airport Parkway (LTN), which can be reached by Rail from Bedford via Luton Airport Parkway station. The station is located around 1 mile away from the airport and is served by a regular shuttle bus service.

The airport serves around 10 million passengers a year and also serves the London area. The airport serves routes to a large number of destinations in the UK, Europe and Africa including Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, Pisa and Zurich in Europe and Sharm El Sheik and Tel Aviv in the Middle East.

The airport also provides cargo facilities, although the amount of cargo it handles has reduced recently.

The town is also served by the London airports which can be reached in around an hour and a half.

Population Density

The town of Bedford has a population of around 80,000 people. It is located around 60 miles away from London.

The town of Luton is also within Bedfordshire geographically, and is a significant location both economically, and in terms of resources, being home to Luton Airport.

Bedford Facts

Bedford was a market town, where the surrounding agricultural products were brought to market, and the town dates back to the Norman era.

The town takes its name from the ford across the River Ouse.

The town has the remains of a medieval castle close to the town centre.

The town’s manufacturing industry grew during industrialisation due to it’s proximity to two mainline railway lines.

Bedford is one of the most multi cultural towns in the UK, and has around 70 ethnic groups. One of the largest populations is the Italian community of around 10,000 people which formed in the 1950s when Italians were moving to Bedford, having been recruited in large numbers to work for the local brick company, London Brick Company, and whose legacy can be seen today in the many Italian restaurants and businesses in the town.

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