Shipping from US to London

Moving from US to London can be a truly intimidating decision for the whole family as London welcomes you with beautiful landscape and excellent opportunities for studies and employment. Living in one of the busiest places in the world can be too demanding, but it will be enjoyable too. The American culture is entirely different from British culture and the brits are very proud of their culture. You will get a chance to meet a lot of fine people and immerse in a land of cultural beauty if you decide to relocate to London.

Only tourists can get to stay for a maximum of six months with a tourist visa without working. However, you need to show your bank statement to ensure that you can support your expenses. Different types of work and business visas are available and your employer can help you sort the paper work. If you are immigrating on your own, you should give at least eight to nine months for the visa processing to finish. Immigration advisors can quicken the process. Citizenship is available only on certain conditions, but many Americans wish to get permanent resident status in London.

Comparison shopping is always the best method to find out affordable international movers when you are moving from US to London. Free quotes can now be obtained from the comfort of your home. Compare at least three quotes from reputable companies and understand their terms thoroughly. Talk to real persons before making your decision and do a thorough background research on the company. Get referrals and ensure that the company solves discrepancies without causing too much of a fuss.

Knowing moving services that you need beforehand can be difficult, but with little efforts, you can find out what you need. Packing goods that you need to be shipped can be left to the movers. They pack professionally and ship them in containers. You can either rent containers or ask the movers to use yours if you have one. Sharing containers with others will help you reduce moving cost, but you should not compromise on moving insurance.

Special care must be taken if you decide to ship your car when you are moving from US to London. If your car is a sports car or luxury car, you have to use enclosed containers to ensure that no damage is done to the car. Otherwise, you can choose Roll on Roll off shipping which is quite affordable. If you have pets, ask the moving company beforehand whether they are qualified to move pets. You can carry pets with you if your airline carrier allows it. Pets have to sit in quarantine for six months to be allowed inside London. Now, it is possible to complete this quarantine step in US and your vet can provide necessary information.

Moving from US to London can be made easy with international moving companies and we provide free quotes from reliable movers. We need you to fill the online estimate form so that we can personalize the quotes we send to you directly from reputable movers.