Shipping from US to Spain

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This website provides users with free quotes of the rates of various cheap reasonable long distance moving companies that specialize in Shipping from US to Spain. Not only can one find the prices of the different movers but can also compare them at the same time. The search for the cheapest and most reliable movers is now made just that much easier through our system. All one must do is fill up our estimate form and through it let us know of your requirements. In a very short time we shall inform you of the various rates charged by the different moving companies.

A move to a different country is always difficult and brings with it a thousand and one worries. Even once the visa has been approved and the various legal details taken care of there remains the huge task of the actual move. One must make millions of decisions regarding what one should take and what to leave behind. Moving to Spain is not a difficult task if one goes about it carefully and systematically. Firstly it’s important to brush up on one’s Spanish skills since one is sure to need it. It is important that the moving company one selects has agents in Spain. The relocation agents in Spain will certainly help one to go about the entire process of shipping from US to Spain.

The distance between New York and Barcelona, a prime port city in Spain, will take approximately a week. It is important that one makes a list of all the contents in each box or carton since the Spanish customs will need it once the goods have reached the port. Shipping from US to Spain will obviously be charged according to the volume. Had the move been done through air, the rates would depend on the weight.

The shipping companies have different policies regarding the way items are packed and the move initiated. If the client packs and delivers the cartons to the office of the moving company, the rates charged is different from the case where the client packs but the moving company collects the items. Again the different companies also offer special containers which the clients can pack their belongings in.

Dealing with the customs is an important part of the move. The moving company one selects should take care of most of the duties but there are certain details that the client must keep in mind. There is a possibility that a 16 % tax may be levied on the value of all the goods. However if one is a Spanish citizen such taxes will not be charged. The value of the goods will depend on the insurance value.

The task of shipping from US to Spain should be given to one that enjoys a good reputation among moving companies that specialize in moves to the various European countries.

Our website is designed to make the huge task of choosing the right moving company to deal with the shipping from US to Spain. The client only has to fill in the online form provided in our website to get access to free quotes from a wide range of cheap yet reputed moving companies.