Shipping from US to Netherlands

About to leave US for Netherlands? Moving is stressful anyway, but if it happens to be an international moving, your senses take over you. It is like to start your life again from scratch. Whether the move happens to be because of your job, or personal reasons; you need to plan it properly. First process is to find a moving company to help you with your luggage shipping from US to Netherlands. Don’t take the decision in haste. Compare quotes from different companies, and see which one is the best suiting your needs. We can get you quotes from the top moving companies. All you need to do is to fill a simple online form to the right, and we will provide you with free no-obligation quotes from top shippers around.

What you need to know?

For your luggage shipping from US to Netherlands, you would be required to know what all services these shipping companies can provide. One type of service is known as all inclusive service. This kind of service is the most expensive. Here, you are not required to do anything but give directions to people from the company. Packing, loading, transporting, shipping and unloading everything is taken care of by them.

In case you decide to pack your stuff yourself, get the packing supplies as soon as possible. Your moving company can provide you with the same, or you can buy them online or from a moving supply company. The packing supplies include packing boxes, tapes, markers, labels etc

Depending on your belonging you want to be shipped, you can hire a whole container, or a shared space in the container.

In case, you are moving your whole house, you can ask the shipping company to bring the container to your home, so that you can load it with your stuff. If it is just a baggage, you can bring it to the shipping company yourself to save some money. If it is bigger than that, then you can go for a shared space in a container. You only pay for the space you use.

How you need to prepare?

Don’t take unnecessary and non-essential thing with you. Remember, the more weight, the more money would be charged. Go for a garage-sell or donate them to a charity.

Be consistent with your packing. Try packing one room at a time. Label the boxes appropriately for their contents. This would help at the time of unpacking.

Infom your rental company (from which you had rented your home) about your moving on time. Also inform your utilities companies, about your move, to avoid unnecessary charges and bills.

Keep the most essential things with you, which would be necessary immediately after your arrival in Netherlands.

If prepared nicely, you can make your international transition a smooth one. Don’t forget to fill in the form on the right, to get free no-obligation quotes from top shipping companies for shipping from US to Netherlands.

We take this opportunity to wish you all good with your new start in Netherlands. Bon Voyage!