Moving from US to Spain

Relocating to a place that is as good as heaven on earth is a dream in many of our minds. Spain is one such country that can very well be deemed fir enough to be a sought after relocation destination.

You may think of moving from US to Spain for educational reasons. Working in Spain can also be an excellent option for moving from US to Spain. The very idea of moving from US to Spain can make you nervous. But if you remember some simple yet strategic aspects we can help you make your experience of moving from US to Spain a successful and memorable experience.

You may consider moving from US to Spain for various reasons:

  • Financial consideration can prompt you to consider moving from US to Spain. Though moving to Spain may not drastically reduce the expenses of your daily lifestyle, the prices of property, fuel, food and alcohol are still on a lower side in Spain.
  • Your search for educational excellence can see you moving from US to Spain as the country boasts of some globally acclaimed educational institutions
  • When you move from US to Spain you will come face to face with the steady pace of Spanish lifestyle that is a wonderful resource of a life-enriching experience.

Get the right visa: Once you have decided on moving from US to Spain it is important to find out which category of visa would be applicable for you. You have to obtain a visa while you are still in United States. Remember, the citizens of European Union can move and work within the Union with a valid passport. But if you are moving from US to Spain there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be done. When you are relocating to Spain you can apply for the visa that would best suit you like spouse and partner visa, business and investment visa if you plan on investing in Spain, skilled and employment visa for those who want to work in Spain, or a special category visa (for those with some exceptional skills). If you are relocating from US to Spain on educational grounds, you need a student visa. Your relocation agent will be able to guide you on applying for the right category.

To reside in Spain you need a Residency visa. Once this is processed it is legally acceptable for 90 days from date of issue for one entry to Spain. The international mover who is generally a global relocation expert will guide you to a gestor in Spain to help you with the Spanish bureaucracy for applying for the Residence permit.

Regarding moving your valuables to Spain remember to choose a moving company that offers an array of moving services starting from a basic assessment of the client’s moving needs, on-site item-wise assessment, packing, wrapping and final loading of your shipment. The company should also be able to take care of the custom release papers and the relevant documentation involved in your moving from US to Spain.

Moving from US to Spain is a big decision and needs to be well planned and executed with the help of professional experts. If you decide on moving from US to Spain just fill on our online estimate form and we will get free quotes from several moving companies for you to choose from.