Moving from US to Portugal

Many of us can very well be nurturing the dream of moving from US to Portugal. Globally relocating to any country can turn out to be an ordeal if not well planned and organized. If you remember a few important things in mind, you can transform your experience of moving from US to Portugal a memorable and pleasant one. You may have to look at some important aspects of the country and keep a few things in mind before you move to Portugal.

Your decision of moving from US into Portugal can turn out to be one of the most intelligent decisions of your lifetime. A country with a growing population and a prosperous economy, Portugal is a happening place. Prior to moving from US to Portugal, it is important to have an idea about some of the important cities in the state. Apart from the capital city of Lisbon, the other important cities are Porto the economic capital of Portugal and the university towns of Coimbra and ?vora and the old capital of Guim?raes. Apart from the mainland, Portugal also consists of Madeira and Azores Islands.

After coming to a clear decision of moving from US to Portugal it is important to find out which category of visa would be applicable for you. Remember that American citizens do not need a visa if they travel to Portugal for business purposes or on personal reasons. Their stay in the Schengen area should be within 90 days in a period of six months. They must have in their possession a valid passport (with a validity period of 3 month more than the planned stay), proof of financial stability and return air tickets.

Remember, the citizens of European Union can move and work within the Union with a valid passport. But if you are moving from US to Portugal there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be done. When you are relocating to Spain you can apply for the visa that would best suit you like Residence Visa, Temporary Stay Visa, short stay visa or a Transit Visa. If you are relocating from US to Portugal on educational grounds, you need a student visa. Your relocation agent will be able to guide you on applying for the right category.

When you are moving from US to Portugal the most important thing that you should be paying full attention to is getting to be familiar with the Portuguese language. This is the first important tool that will of great assistance to you while living in Portugal to develop effective communication skills in the local language.

If you are considering moving from US to Portugal on a work basis you must remember one important thing that earnings in Portugal could differ vastly. However please keep in mind that that while living in Portugal these wages would be in proportion to your cost of living. Working in Portugal would be a lot easier if you gain a basic knowledge of the Portuguese language.

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