Moving from US to Norway

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While moving to another country, selecting the right long distance moving company can be quite a task. Our website has been designed to aid such clients in making the right choice with the minimum hassle. The client only needs to fill up the online form that is provided on our website and in turn, we shall provide free quotes on the rates offered by the various moving companies. One can then freely compare and make a selection based on one’s particular needs and budget.

Norway is a country which not only offers excellent job opportunities but can also boast of a superb lifestyle and brilliant educational and health systems. However, anyone looking to move from one country to another would know the related difficulties. Once the legal hassles are taken care of, there remains the task of the actual process of moving. In the case of Norway, it is important to find out exactly what goods can be included in the shipping from US to Norway. This is of prime importance and one must be aware of the specificities as soon as possible. There are some items which will be taxed and one should know what these are.

The shipping by sea would be charged according to the volume of the goods being carried. The client has to make several difficult decisions regarding exactly what items are necessary for moving and what items can be left behind. Shipping from US to Norway is a huge move and one should be prepared for the consequent costs. The rates charged by the moving companies when the client delivers the packed items to the company’s office is different from when the items are collected from the home of the client. Also, sometimes the companies provide special containers in which the client can pack his or her belongings.

While selecting a moving company to take care of the shipping from US to Norway, it is important to find a company that specializes in delivering to European countries and also has a branch office in Norway. This can substantially reduce the difficulties that one can potentially face during the move. Most moving companies deliver to all the major cities in Norway, including Oslo, Bergen, Drammen, Stavanger, Porsgrunn, Trondheim and Kristiansand.

One should find out the details regarding the time that the companies would take to complete the process of shipping from US to Norway. Usually companies take approximately three to four weeks to complete the move. One should find out about extra costs that might be incurred if the items are to be transported from the port to one’s place of residence.

Our website can certainly make the job of finding the moving company that is most excellently suited to one’s very unique requirements. Through filling up the online form that can be found on our website, one is simply providing us with the details relating to one’s requirements. Our job is then to supply the client with free quotes from the various companies that are suited to the client’s budget and needs.