Moving from US to Netherlands

When you have interest in moving from US to Netherlands, you should first find out the reasons which are good enough to relocate. Many people hate extreme weather conditions and they want to live in a pleasant climate all the year around and Netherlands is such a good place with fantastic weather. People of Netherlands are friendly and the country provides great opportunities for socializing. Improving economy and blooming job opportunities are great reasons for career oriented individuals who are hoping to have a leap in their career.

It is not possible to relocate to Netherlands without sorting out papers. Many people get help from their present or future employers to process their visa. You can also process visa on your own if you have proof that you will be able to support yourself in Netherlands. Many immigration advisors may offer their assistance, but always work with licensed ones.

Preparing your family to accept your decision of moving from US to Netherlands should be the first step. You should not force your family to move with you. If you have dependants, you have to discuss with them before arriving at a decision. Kids don’t want to part with their friends and you need to find schools for them in Netherlands before you relocate. Pets can be carried to Netherlands, but you need to get a European passport for your pet. Your vet will be able to provide information on preparing your pet to be shipped to Netherlands.

You can use internet to get moving quotation from various international moving companies that know how to ship your goods from US. Export laws of US and import laws of Netherlands must be met if you want your goods to arrive safely. Every step of moving should be coordinated properly with your mover.

Just because you are moving from US to Netherlands and wish to live in Netherlands for the rest of your life, you should not try to move everything you own. International moving is pretty expensive and if you move lots of goods, you have to spend a fortune. Goods that are of sentimental value can’t be discarded, but you should try to get rid of as many goods as possible.

During international moving, packing is best left to professionals. All the goods must be packed with care so that they don’t get damaged during transit. You should buy adequate moving insurance for the worth of your belongings. Even though moving companies give you estimated moving dates, delays are always expected. While moving goods from the US, you also need to have a person in the US to coordinate export from US. In Netherlands, you should have basic amenities to keep going until your goods reach you.

To ensure that you don’t have to stress out while moving from US to Netherlands, we offer free moving quotes from some of the well known international moving companies. To send you personalized quotes, all we require you to do is to fill the online estimate form and submit it.