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Closing on your Home Before a Long Distance Move

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Issues that can disrupt the closing on your home and a long distance move

Buying and selling a home is crucial while in the throes of long distance moving. Most people that make a move of this nature have already secured housing at their new location, and the sale of the previous home is crucial. The last thing homeowners want to hear is that the closing on their home has been put on hold, or has failed to close altogether.

The following is a list of scenarios that can cause a home’s sale to fall through regardless of the terms agreed to in a contract. Hopefully this will help avoid any unforeseen surprises when closing time comes and a long distance move is eminent. (more…)

Deciding What is Essential When Making an International Move

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

If you are poised to make an international move, it might be best to bone up on the best practices involved with moving long distances. Finding a company with the most friendly and effective relocation services is certainly a top priority.

Once you have decided on the right movers, you must comb through your belongings to determine which of your items you want to move with you. If you have ever taken part in a long distance move, you probably already know that the fewer items you ship, the easier it will be.

Remaining lean with your belonging during an international move can also help you financially. A number of international shipping services will hinge their price on the size of the load they carry for the customer.

You might find that it is more convenient to get rid — sell, trade, donate, or throw away — of many of your non-essential possessions. These are items you could simply purchase when getting settled in your new location. (more…)