Top Ten Tips

Interstate Moving is a process that can change your life. Unfortunately, you are adding stress to this life change because you have the element of the actual move in addition to all the other elements of change. Consider these top ten thoughts for making your move a bit more stress free.

  1. There are peak times for moving and there are off-peak times for moving. If you have the luxury of choosing when the majority of your belongings need to be moved you can save quite a bit of money. The spring and summer months are the busiest of times and will cost more. You may also run into issues of finding a moving company that can accommodate your schedule. If possible it may be wise to think about moving less weight during the busy months and the remainder during the off months.
  2. Unfortunately, there is never a good time to move children from their school situation. If there were a time it would be at the end of the school term. This will leave you in the busy moving months so scheduling may take a bit more thought.
  3. If you decide to pack your own boxes be sure to understand that those items packed by you may not be covered by insurance.
  4. Make sure that you sort through your entire residence to eliminate any item that will not be making the move. Getting rid of heavier items soonest is a good idea so that no mistakes are made in the estimate. Let the estimator know that an item is not going on the move and that they make a note. You should also have notes in this regard. Generally, since estimates are done by weight it is wise to have everything that will not be making the move gone before the estimate is made. This will keep the “not going” list to a minimum.
  5. A written inventory of your property is good, a video of your property is better. If you go the video route get up close and personal with everything. Show that there are no cracks on porcelain or picture frames. If you have a receipt for an expensive item, place it next to the item and record both together.
  6. Anything that you believe is an antique or holds a greater value then you bought it for should have an independent evaluation performed. Place the evaluation next to the item and video the two together.
  7. Do not touch up wood items with any sort of oils or refinishers. These products can often make the material softer then originally intended. In this case marks fro stacking during the move may result.
  8. Saving money by supplying your own moving materials is a good option. The moving company will supply a certain number of boxes based on the written quote. You can supply the remaining need, wrapping paper and packing tape. Box type costs vary so ask the moving company for an approximate number for each type of box.
  9. If your company is helping with paying for the move be sure to know how much they will contribute before you choose a moving company.
  10. Get everything in writing, ask a lot of questions and have a copy of the movers insurance.

Get engaged in the process but the minor details are avoided so you can spend your time elsewhere. After all, avoiding the small stuff is what the experts always preach.