Interstate Moving Guide

Lower the cost of your move

Considering all the costs that you have just paid for your new place of residence it is nice to be able to reduce the overall costs of the actual move. With a little advance planning this is a very viable option. There are a few basic places to look for cost saving in a residential move. These areas include: soliciting several bids, reducing weight, packing yourself and considering the correct amount of insurance.

Shop around

There is no reason to go with the first or second moving company sales quote. Look for several quotes from interstate moving companies. The quote should be made by an in-person visit from the moving company and not over the phone. Once they have given a written estimate they cannot legally change it unless circumstances change. Their bids will likely hinge of several considerations. Weight is the leading element in giving a bid but the companies schedule, man power situation, truck issues, company packing ability and time of year play a big part of how they arrive at a quote.

Reducing overall weight

Weight is the single biggest consideration in pricing your move. The sales person will look at your belongings and assign a weight to each room. They have general weight estimates for room sizes so if you can reduce weight by room you can get ahead of the pricing game. As you go about this process consider your washers and driers. Do they use the same energy as the local you are moving to? Possibly they are old and inefficient (meaning buying new may be more cost effective.) Are you moving to a cooler climate and won’t need an in-window air conditioner. Are you a pack rat? Hold yard sales and get rid of all that junk you just keep and never use.

Pack it yourself

In most cases, the moving company will offer the services of packing up all your belongings. This is a great time saver for you but it can cost. Think about doing some of the packing yourself. Books and clothes are fairly easy to pack and the chance of damage, if you do it incorrectly, is small. If you do choose to go this route, consider your insurance costs. If you choose to pack the crystal, will the packing savings outweigh the insurance costs or replacement costs involved. Think about mixing and matching your packing needs.

Seasonal scheduling

If you can be a bit flexible with the time of year that you would like to move you may be able to find significant savings. Spring and summer are times of the year when moving companies are extremely busy. If you can move in the late fall, early spring or even winter time you may be able to do quite a bit of haggling over the price and conditions of your move.