Moving Day

What to Expect From your Interstate Moving Company on Moving Day

Your moving day can happen all on the same day or on two separate days. If you would like the movers to pack up your belongings, or you will be moving overseas, a moving crew will arrive prior to the actual moving day to pack. This crew can be the same as the crew doing the actual move or be a more specialized crew that understands moving organization of particular types of items and rooms. They will typically wrap items in packing material and place them into specially designed boxes. After a particular box is full it will be tagged and listed on an inventory sheet to identify its contents.

Types of boxes

Your moving sales person will likely have spoken to you about box types and costs. Each box is specifically designed for the contents that it will hold. A “book box” is smaller and a bit more study. It is sized specifically for books. A “wardrobe box” is taller and contains a hanging rod for your clothes. As your packing day moves along you will see that different boxes will be used in different rooms.

Moving day

When your movers arrive on the day of the move there may be several trucks parked at your address at the same time. In some instances, there may be a large crew of movers but in all likelihood there will be around 4 or 5 mover’s total. As each box or tagged unwrapped item is loaded onto a truck it will be marked as such on the inventory sheet. You will want to pay some attention to which boxes and contents are going onto the truck and when. Generally, this is because, if the move is local, you may want a few boxes sooner rather then later.

Interstate moving day

If you are moving a fairly long distance such in the case of doing interstate moving during moving day should find you keeping watch over some of the items you will need while the move takes place or if you have storage plans near the destination. Keeping track of these items is critical because your items may be loaded and unloaded a few times along their journey to final destination.