Shipping from US to Australia

Shifting base to a completely new place is fun and an amazing new experience right from the initial shifting phase to settling down completely. Shipping your belongings carefully and safely is among the most important aspect. Shipping from US to Australia is no different.

International shifting is not as simple and easy as any other domestic shifting. International shifting only implicates federal trade regulation and other paper work and practices that can make the entire process more complicated. To add to all the complications leveled from the regulations and the other practices point of view, cost of logistics too is not very perceptive.

For shipping from US to Australia your belongings, it is very important to first determine all that you would like to be shipped. This is especially important since the vehicles may also be included in your shifting list and shipping of the cars and vans entirely require a separate set of rules and paper work. For instance when shipping your car to Australia make sure that the car is as clean as new or your car may be sent back to the country of origin at your expense. Once the shipping list is ready, you could consider container shipping to Australia.

Shipping containers are huge bin like boxes that can accommodate your household products apart from your car or any other similar sized vehicle. These containers are available in various sizes and can be rented according to your requirements.

The best part is that these containers can be used as storage too before shipping from US to Australia. A shipping list will help you to decide not only the size of the container required but will also help you through the process of taking online price quotes.

It is very important for you to measure all your furniture with a measuring tape and have a rough estimate of the number of boxes that you may require. The next step should be to do an extensive online research to get an approximate quote of shipping from US to Australia.

Once you have compared the prices book the size of the container required by you and confirm the shipping dates. Take into account details such as – would you need an extra helping hand, would you like the container just outside your home for packing or would you like to hire a truck and would take your belongings to the container terminal. Also consider the delivery details.

Ensure that you reach Australia before your shipment. When packing the boxes, it is a great idea to label them. It really helps when unpacking and also helps to keep track of the number of boxes.

Comparing prices is a task in itself – just to make your job easy we offer you free quotations from various affordable movers. You can easily compare them and get the cheapest long distance mover of your choice in no time at all. Simply fill in our estimate form with details and we will get back to you at the earliest with estimates of the top movers.