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Washington is the most North Westerly state of the US. It has a land border with Canada to the North, Idaho to the East, Oregon to the South and a marine border with the Pacific Ocean to the West. The state’s climate is mainly Mediterranean, but changes to the East of the Cascades. Seattle, the largest city in the state experiences cloud cover 2/3 of the year.

Infrastructure / Job Prospects

If you are drawn to the state for work, you will find the local job market is vibrant, with many large Fortune 500 companies calling the state their home. If you are looking at moving to Washington in order to start up your own business, you will be in good company. Jeff Bezos of and Bill Gates of Microsoft are just two of the well known (and richest!) local residents who have walked the path before you.

A small number of sectors make up a large portion of the state economy. These include aeronautics, software, retail, bio-tech and tourism, and help to form Washington’s annual state revenue of over $250 billion.

One of the largest employers, Boeing, used to have its headquarters in the state of Washington, and is still one of the state’s largest private sector employers. It retains its largest division in the area including the two local manufacturing facilities responsible for producing the well known 737 – 777 series of jet aeroplanes.

The city of Seattle, the state’s largest city, is also home to the headquarters of 5 of the Fortune 500 companies, many of these are well known global brands, including Starbucks and

Costco is the largest single employer in the state by revenue, and is followed closely by Microsoft, which is based in Redmond, Washington. Cellular phone company T-Mobile USA is another example of a large, technical and global brand company located in the state.

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The state is a major tourist destination and tourism forms an important part of its revenue. Seattle alone attracts 9 million visitors a year, in part due to its local arts and culture destinations, but the state is also home to national parks, and many cities have busy events calendars. Tourism generates $4 million for the state each year and provides 60,000 jobs

The state has had a long and symbiotic relationship with the native Indian population continuing in the tradition of George Washington Bush’s peaceful dealings through the war of 1812, where his lands were treated as neutral. Today the Indian reservations and the native Indians impact can be seen both in the local place names but also the arts and culture (and more recently, casinos!) of the area.

Living cost and Taxes

The state levies no income tax, but unfortunately this results in most residents paying more, with less tax being paid by the richest (around 3.3%) compared to the lowest earning (over 15%). This is due to the poorest having to pay a higher percentage of their income on basics that are taxed by the states sales tax at 6.5% and their property.

Cost of living is one exceptionally good reason to consider moving to Seattle from another large city. You could benefit financial by thousands of dollars a year from the move. For instance a move from New York would give you almost 45% more disposable income. This is due to Seattle employers paying a similar wage to that of New York, but the cost of living in Seattle being around 50% less!


Washington has several ports. The largest of these is the Port of Seattle, one of the largest cargo ports on the West Coast, and closer to Asia than any other major US port. It is ideal for facilitating the import of products moving to Washington from Asia and other international destinations. The port was 10th in terms of total dollar value in the US, with cargo moving through the port worth $36 billion in 2006. The port handled over 20 million tons of cargo in the same year.

The port is an important gateway for the state, and the city of Seattle, and brings in around 750,000 cruise passengers per year. An improvement of the local area has resulted in tourist facilities, with bike paths, trails, pier complex with restaurant and shopping facilities and improvement to the waterside.

Major airports

Washington’s largest airport is located between the cities of Seattle and Tacoma. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) or Sea-Tac airport as it is known locally is one of the busiest airports in the North West of the US and serves around 30 million passengers a year.

The airport provides the state with a growing number of direct routes to cities all over the world, including London, Paris and Amsterdam in Europe, Beijing, China, and Tokyo, Japan.

The position of second largest airport in the state falls to Spokane International Airport (GEG) which handles around 3 million passengers a year.

Important Cities and Population Density

Washington’s population is over 6 million and between 2000 and 2005 over 125,000 moved to the state from another, and immigration of people moving to Washington from outside of the US accounted for another 150,000 people.

The state has a population density of around 88 people per square mile.

State Facts

The state has an interesting history, having been founded by the first black pioneer George Washington Bush.

Washington is a relatively non-diverse state, with around 88% of the population being White, although it is home to one of the largest Asian populations at over 7.5%

The largest groups in the state are German and English, accounting for a combined percentage of over 30% of the state.

The state has had a long and symbiotic relationship with the native Indian population, following on from George Washington Bush’s friendly treatment of the Indians when he first settled. Today Indian reservations, their culture (and more recently, casinos!) can be seen both in the local place names but also the arts and culture of the area.

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