Moving to Tampa

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About Tampa Bay, Florida

Tampa Bay, Florida is located in the West of the State to the North of the Gulf of Mexico. In such a position it is not surprising that the area benefits from a subtropical climate, with consistent warm weather most of the year round and only short winter periods. During the summer period however the area does have more storms, and lighting is a particularly common feature during this period. Nevertheless if you are considering moving to Florida, Tampa offers many other benefits.

Tampa’s economy is formed of a mixture of the service, retail, finance, insurance and real estate industries, and many companies have chosen the city for their regional headquarters.

Additionally, Tampa is home to a large airforce base in the form of MacDill, which is another important contributor to the local economy. In fact Tampa has a long aviation history, being home to the World’s first passenger airline in 1914.

As with Miami, the city has an important port, in fact the largest in the state by tonnage as well as the second largest cruise ship port in the state, home to many lines and ships traveling to Mexico and the Caribbean.

Tampa’s tourism industry

The tourism industry is an important aspect of Tampa’s economy. Many move to fl for the sun and Tampa has plenty of beaches. The city has many parks, and widely visited theme parks and attractions like Busch Gardens and Florida Aquarium.

The retail industry is represented by the many large malls. The city is an important cultural center and has a wide range of arts facilities, including major theaters, visual arts museums and performing arts centers.

Tampa is also well known for its nightlife, being ranked one of the top cities in the country for nightlife.

Although the state has a lower cost of living than many, you will want to ensure you don’t decrease the standard of living for yourself or your family. Additionally, when relocating to Florida from outside of the US, as with most states you will need a work visa before you can start working.

Miami’s largest airport, Miami International Airport (MIA) is one of the busiest airports in the world, allowing Miami residents to travel easily to both South American, and European destinations, in addition to the continental US.

Preparing for your move to Tampa

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